From party 'Raj' to NGO 'Raj': governance and state of people in Tripura, populist anarchy with ulterior motive

Specisl corespomdent

March 28, 2021, 09:41:54   

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his long thirteen year tenure as Gujrat chief minister had consistently been at the receiving end of sniper attacks, sabotage and downright subversion by fake, motivated and foreign funded NGOs. A man with steely resolve and sterling honesty Modi had weathered all subversive attempts to pin him down. After assuming charge as prime minister Modi had taken special measure to curb the plethora of fake NGOs minting public money : having gathered authentic information about their dubious activities Modi banned more than twenty thousand fake and shady NGOs across the country though the cleverer and low-profile ones survived . One reason why Modi encounters opposition all around is his drastic and legitimate action against the avaricious and money minter NGOs. 
But in Modi's party-ruled Tripura NGOs enjoy a free run, specially in the sphere of education. According to a secret information available from the department of school education as many as sixteen NGOs based in Delhi and other parts of north India and may be even Maharashtra continue to milch the school education department through ostensible initiatives to upgrade the standards of school education in the state. The key person behind inducting the NGOs is a high official who apparently believes in the principle of husband's acts of piety percolating to wife for appropriate material prosperity and spiritual uplifting. 
Highly placed sources in the school education department said that the sixteen NGOs had been selected for pittance of works at discretion and without any process of bidding through tender and, hence, the department is unaware of their  special skill and experience for the works they have been entrusted with. All these NGOs have been minting money from the school education department for so-called training to teachers, hygiene work in schools, data entry and mundane research work. The teachers of the schools get so exhausted with such useless work burden that they can not even concentrate on imparting lessons on text books and even the students are not receptive to such sponsored  training imparted as part of high-sounding 'Natun Disha', 'Sadhna' and 'Prerna'. But the NGOs have been making hefty money through underhand payment to appropriate sponsors and individuals. Whether the department can directly award money-spinning works to NGOs with unproven skill and experience without tender is a matter of questionable legality. But the most astonishing thing is that no local NGO has been considered for awarding of such works, possibly because slush money can not be squeezed out of locals . India is traditionally known as a land of 'unity in diversity' and the concept is exemplified in the mass arrival of outside NGOs to earn money here at the expense of the locals-and this at a time when the prime minister himself advocates 'vocal for local'. 
Celebrated Bengali novelist Sarat Chandra Chatterjee had penned a very interesting character named as 'Mejda' (second eldest brother) in his famous novel 'Srikanta'. This 'Mejda' had a habit of tutoring his younger siblings and nephews but his method was so pompous and complex that his students ended up learning nothing . In the current context the money-spinning sixteen NGOs-may be more, once authentic and complete data is available-continue to play the role of 'Mejdas' in Tripura's ill-fated school education department. This however is in sharp contrast with the previous party raj of the left front when loyalty to the party was the touchstone for granting favours-no question of money was involved except during eves of elections.         

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