Fatty Liver or Pouring Fat in Liver

Dr. Amitava Roy, MD, PDCC

Next time you get to know you got fat in your liver, don't rush to any doctor chambers but start to run or jog.

The oil change or change in the pattern of using oil. No! no please do not misunderstand me, I am neither taking a cookery session nor educating ladies how to cook (although I advise how to prepare chicken to many of my patients to curtail gas production). It's about cooking behavior or behaving well with oil.

Many of my educated readers already using olive oil, but I'm sure very few know how to use it. Olive oil is to grease your broth but not to cook. Because it's not the content of oil which is important but the smoking point of each individual oil. So, it's not oil only harmful but it's heating up oil hard do more harm. Its a eye opening fact that if you can't skip fries it's better to get it in mustard oil which has high smoking point. Lighter oils like rice bran oil, canola oils start to smoke even on gentle heat. So, if you cannot resist your taste buds to flood then it is better to get "fried foe" or food prepared with mustard oil only.

The scientific society already proven "LOW CARBOHYDRATE DIET IS MUCH EFFECTIVE THAN LOW FAT DIET" for lowering fat in Liver. This is a time to say no to Ghee and fried food. The wise advice is to replace diet rather than complete change in diet. The oils like sunflower, safflower and soybean are more practical in Indian kitchens. Now promoted in media as "sehet ka kala teel".

To exemplify whole grain flour and fresh fruit are healthier options against the maida, fructose syrup based beverages and delicacies. Any formulated special diet is not superior to simple home based hypo caloric diet. 

Every day I get a patient coming to my clinic with a sonography report of fatty liver. I wonder why they need a sonography to discover fat in Liver, as they have abundant of it in their tummy. The other set of patient brings an abnormal liver function blood test and quite tense as to see their test report is up for a fraction in comparison to the dubious normal reference lab values. The blood test is not a sensitive marker to quantify liver condition. Why we are bother to order those tests? Why we are obsessed to have a slim ALT (SGPT) value even if we are not slim? There is a concept of "A pill for every ill". We are yet to get an ideal pill for fatty liver. I know many of my colleagues may disagree and readers may get disheartened by my submission but I have told the fact and I am not going to withdraw.

We doctors spent less than 1% of patient's total time if taken entire session of treatment in to consideration. To carry a protocol based treatment satisfactorily (for eg. fatty liver disease) a frequent and intense doctor- patient interactions is warranted. A unified health care ecosystem comprising physician, nutritionist, psychiatrist, physician, physical instructors and yoga gurus may benefit patients of FATTY LIVER with committed theme of LIVER IS LIFE (jakrit e jivan) is yet a dream.

Finally, I may say although sudden shifting of diet is not recommended and substituting diet component of diet is a way to attain the goal. Because LIFE STYLE MODIFICATION has to have a lot of LIFE in it. Only a sensible advice may influence you life for long or lifelong. 

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