Crisis of Food and Unemployment: Post Corona Do's and Don't

Jayanta Debnath

June 19, 2020, 08:42:03   

In this Corona Pandemic situation, the biggest challenge for the people of the state in the post Corona situation will be the food security, problem of students going to school, problems in medical services and the problem of jobs for the unemployed.

Regarding the unemployment problem, the only slogan and solution of solving the same as our chief minister is always appealing is to start cows, goats, ducks, chickens, pigs firm, or selling tea, Pan and chops. Other than this only appeal before for the unemployed youths by the Chief Minister is to do business with bank loans and become self-sufficient. So far no effective steps have been taken to solve the unemployment problem in the state by going beyond bank lending.

Therefore, in the situation of Post Corona period, in a small state like Tripura, a well-thought-out step on emergency basis has to be taken now in the interest of maintaining medical services, creation of new online  education infrastructure, employment of the unemployed and overall food security of the state. In this case, by utilizing the money which may be given through Prime Minister's Self-Reliant India Project, (Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan Scheme) in which Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb himself announced that the Tripura government is going to receive Rs 4,802 crore for the management of Corona crisis and post corona Atmanirbhar Tripura Abhiyan.  

In this situation, the steps that can be taken on priority basis and made effective for the food security, medical services, educational services for the  students and employment for the unemployed in the state in the face of the current situation are as follows or  maybe it includes: -

1) To encourage the unemployed families who have land to work in agriculture by providing free fertilizers, seeds, irrigation and pesticides by allowing MGNREGA workers to work in agriculture. If possible, agriculture department may be arrange for cash assistance per acre of land so that the interested unemployed people look at agri business and entrepreneurship. This will be also brought stabilization in food security in the state.  

2) The Tripura government is buying paddy from the farmers at affordable prices through FCI now. In the same line, the state government can arrange home delivery or market it itself by purchasing the produce of the farmers through the cooperative department in the post Corona situation. On the one hand, farmers will get the right price for their crops. In the same way, the buyers will also get various agricultural products like vegetables and cereals at fair price at the door-step.

3) Only in the land of MGNREGA job card holders is now allowed to dig ponds with government funds. By changing this rule, if there is holding land, the pond can be dug on the land of non-MGNREGA job card holders land or whoever wants to dug pond by spending the money of MGNREGA scheme. As a result, the states own fish demand will be met. In addition to the conservation of rainwater in these ponds or reservoirs, even a small amount of drinking water crisis that is looming around the world in the future can be saved.

4) The Chief Minister of Tripura's BJP-IPFT coalition  government is attaching great importance to tourism for the employment of the unemployed. But no attractive policy or initiative that will attract the tourism industry has yet been adopted. What is being said in the name of new tourism policy is very unlikely to create employment opportunities for the unemployed. A maximum of five lakh rupees loan assistance has been announced by announcing a scheme. But the rich corporate and companies are being given huge discounts and subsidies for investment in hotel business. But the Tripura tourism corporation has so far failed to launch any such scheme to encourage the unemployed youths in the state to open small forest-based resorts on their own land, or to manage standard home stays facilities. So, no matter how much talk is spread in the name of tourism expansion, it is needless to say that the educated unemployed in the state do not see the opportunity to become very self-reliant in this sector as well. Therefore, in the case of Post Corona period, the tourism department has to announce some of the facilities through which the educated unemployed can start tourism or related other business in whatever way they want. The administration just has to keep an eye on the bank so that there are not too many punches.

5) Stop private tuition of government run school teachers and issue licenses to educated unemployed youth to do private tuition. In this case, the government may set up a board or commission in the style of TPSC to examine the capacity of the unemployed educated youths to deliver tuition's and issue licenses to them according to their ability to teach.

6) Moreover, there are many educated unemployed who do not have a B.Ed degree. So no matter how good their teaching experience is, they will never be able to apply for a job as a teacher. And according to the recommendations of the 15th Finance Commission, there are very few job opportunities in other government departments in the state in the near future. In this case, the government administration can be considered for the educated unemployed who have passed college and university with a high degree and do not want to sit in a laughter, cockfighting or chop shop thinking about social status due to high merit. In this case, with the help of the newly unemployed teachers out of the 10323 teachers retrenched by the state education department, a special arrangement can be made to go home and teach the poorest or backward students of the school during lockdown and also the post corona crisis.

7) Moreover, neither the Department of Social Welfare nor the Department of Education is doing anything for the education of a large number of disabled students in the state. However, in order to prove that this information contained in this article is not correct, the two departments can say, no, this information is not correct. Even if this information is false, I would still say that there are many disabled children who are not able to go to school; the Tripura government should send teachers from house to house and arrange for them to study at home.

8) In addition to the importance of jobs for the unemployed and problem in education and agriculture in the Post Corona situation, the importance of the health sector will also increase several times more than before. To take advantage of this potential, the Tripura government can now offer various skills training in the health sector for unemployed boys and girls in the state. This is because the crisis and the need for not only doctors, but also nurses and various paramedics will multiply in the coming days in the country and around the world. Therefore, a large number of nurses and various paramedical subjects can be opened for the unemployed children of the state and they can be sent for employment in different parts of the country and abroad with skill training of national and international standards. Which the Kerala government did at least 30 years ago.

9) The government should make arrangements to train the unemployed in whatever subjects they want to take skill development training. In that case, it will not be done with the aim of getting some outside companies in the name of placement link etc. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi's slogan 'Vocal for Local' in mind, the existing skill training providers in the state, both public and private, need to be mobilized. As a result, local skill training providers will also survive.

Because, in the aftermath of the Corona pandemic, the biggest challenge for some years will be to get two meals a day and a little health care support and education for the children's. Therefore, keeping in view the future needs, from now on, emphasis should be laid on giving priority to agriculture for food security and building skilled workforce for health protection. And along with all these sectors, the state government has to come up with a comprehensive program on how to keep the existing business, trade and service providers afloat. Otherwise, the post Corona situation could lead to a rise in unemployment in the state as well as food shortages.

Therefore, effective steps need to be taken now to create more employment opportunities for the unemployed in the education, health, agriculture and industry sectors of the state by recognizing the 'Vocal for Local' sound by utilizing the benefits of the Prime Minister's Self-Reliant India project in the Post Corona situation.


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