Criminals Bleeding Indian democracy

Dr VK Bahuguna

July 14, 2020, 07:38:11   

The recent happening in Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh in which the 8 police personnel were ambushed by the notorious gangster Vikas Dube and subsequent liquidation of this gangster in police encounter had exposed deep chinks in our democratic governance and rule of law. The brazen and inhuman manner in which the eight police personnel were killed by the Vikas and his accomplices shows that hardened criminals have seeped deep into our administrative and law and order machinery. The Circle officer Mr Mishra who was the lone police officer who wrote about the nexus between gangster and in charge of the Chaubeypur Police Station to his superiors was brutally shot into the head and his legs were cut off. This explains the courage and confidence of the growing powers of the gangsters in the country. The daring attackers had made arrangements by storing kerosene to burn the bodies of the cops and dispose of the remains in a well so that there is no evidence. It is another matter that the UP police had liquidated him in an encounter in the outskirts of Kanpur in the morning of 10th July 2020 after he was handed over by the MP police. Soon after his killings the politicians are on blame game once again and media is busy in discussing the manner of this encounter but not on the true nature of this disease engulfing the country.

This daring incident of attack in Kanpur has clearly shown that this gangster had deep links with the police and political parties of all hues. He was a land grabber and a very potent figure in mustering the votes for politicians and was roaming as a respectable citizen, attending meeting with important politicians and was very cosy with police personnel. How did he feel so confidence that he will get over this serious crime? The answer is easy to find. He was a criminal against whom 60 cases were lodged with the police. He reportedly killed 54 in cold blooded manner. In one of the daring attempt he killed a Minister rank politician inside the police station in 2001 and 19 police personnel were witness to this killing. But none of the 19 police personnel deposed before the court and as the people say justice is blind he was acquitted of the crime. Not only acquitted after this he became the uncrowned ruler of his area of influence subjugating all government officials and with ferocity virtually controlled and bulldozed all who opposed him.

It raises two questions. First, why the UP government did not take any action against those 19 police personnel whose deliberate action was responsible for his acquittal, why police did not appeal to higher courts and assessed why prosecution did not make a fool proof case as the shooting was held in side the police station. A big shame fort the police, politicians and the government. It also brings out chinks in the judiciary which decided such cases in a clerical style. Why did the court not ask the prosecution about the attitude of 19 police personnel? It reflects on the tottering of criminal justice delivery system and root cause of increasing crimes.The Indian judiciary's mindset is still in the dilemma of Victorian age and need to change to meet new challenges in society.

Though the general public had welcomed the liquidation of this notorious criminal, but after this encounter the possibility of exposing the growing criminal-police-political nexus which is turning our country slowly as a banana republic is a closed chapter now. It thus clearly shows that governance has been gradually slipping out of the hands of lawfully empowered officials to local mafias and local politicians in the hinterland and this abdication has been accepted by the whole apparatus of legally elected governments.

The second point is why it happens and allows the individuals to become Frankenstein's monster. The answer lies in the fact that rural areas are still divided on caste or some other lines and most of the fights are on land grabbing and on developmental issues. These days the Gram Pradhans control lot of funds and create their own groups. The local administration virtually becomes extinct and allows these gangsters to take over the reign and slowly a hierarchy of crimes and their supporters comes into shape. All in the ugly chain become rich and powerful and run their dictates on masses. Those who oppose are punished heavily or eliminated. In one such case the village principal of Vikas Dube's school who taught him like his own son was killed by Vikas for opposing land grabbing of his school in a most inhuman way while village the revenue officials looked other way. The culmination of such environment is complete when all politicians take their help in elections. No wonder that out of 403 MLAs in UP 143 have criminal back ground (according to a report of Association for Democratic Reforms) and Vikas Dube was toying with the idea to join them next. The democracy is thus grasping for air all over in such areas.

The Vikas Dube saga must prick the conscience of our politicians and also of the common citizen of the country who elect them and of course of the civil servants and police who are actually responsible for governing the nation. If no action is taken by the rulers of the country this disease will grip the whole nation soon and India will lose its charm and beauty as the biggest democracy of the world. The political culture is such that society willingly revolves around the activities of the politicians and because of this the media is full of politics as they get better viewers rating. People want progress and for this we need peace and rule of law. The UP Chief Minister may take some action in bringing these gangsters to book, it is for all other Chief Ministers, the Home Minister and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, all political parties and the Chief Justice of Supreme Court to meet and discuss reforms in the polity of the country, in the governing institutions like police and other agencies and in the criminal justice system to be thoroughly revamped lock stock and barrel.  If sooner the problem is realized better it will be handled. If not remain prepared for the worst my dear India. 


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