Crime graph grows but the state government successful in curbing harmful and illegal 'Ganza' (cannabis) cultivation and smuggling

Jayanta Debnath

Mercury of various crimes especially in the front of cannabis smuggling organized by various criminal gangs in the state is showing  upward trend. Altogether 1769 various  cases have increased in the state this year compared to last year. What shines out in the maze of programmatic activities is the state government's massive and successful drive against illegal'Ganza' (cannabis) cultivation and smuggling. The fact is borne out by cold statistics as provided below.

According to the information received from the police headquarters, in the year 2017, total crime cases  reported in the state were 3894. On the contrary, up to November 2018, 5633 cases of crimes were reported in the state. That means in the year 2018 compared to 2017, there was an increase of 1769 various crime cases in the state. During this period, the only success of the state police is in anti narcotics drive.  As a result of the massive anti-cannabis operation,  more than  660 people were arrested by the police. But in the matter of  follow-up investigation  being carried out by the police agencies, it is a shocking state of affairs with regard to the manner in which investigation is going on. It is revealed from police record  that out of 660 persons arrested in connection with the crime relating to psychotropic substance, 435 persons stand at large on bail.

The Chief Justice of Tripura  high court himself  raised serious questions over the state government's anti-addiction drive, seizure of contraband addictive, release on bail of suspected persons and the role of state police and the newly constituted board for monitoring on narcotics-related cases. The chief justice of Tripura high court Sanjay Karol on January 10, while hearing a bail petition moved by an advocate on behalf of a 'Ganja' running-accused, made his observations and directed the DGP A.K. Shukla to furnish all the details of narcotics related cases in his order passed on January 10. The DGP has been directed to furnish his reply by January 29. Also the DGP is directed to place on record in a tabulated form, information with respect to all the cases pertaining to NDPS registered in the year 2018.

The chief justice of Tripura high court Sanjay Karol also  directed the Learned Advocate General of Tripura  that the judgment rendered by  high court  in B.A No. 58 of 2018 titled as Sri Ashish Sarkar on behalf of the accused Sri Sudhir Sarkar Vs. the State of Tripura dated 23.07.2018 shall be made available to all the public Prosecutors. In this case, Registrar General is also directed to forthwith intimate all the Judicial Officers dealing with the cases of NDPS of the State of the factum of passing of the said judgment by electronics mode latest by 12.01.2019.

Apart from this, the dysfunctional nature of the Board constituted by the state government with retired justice  Swapan Chandra Das as chairman and retired judges B.K.Kilikdar and Subir Saha as members also came in for comments. Even though the board was formed several months back not a single meeting of it has so far been held and the board is yet to be provided with an office. Naturally no case is referred to the board and it does not function normally.

It has been reported that  last year, the police registered more than 433 cases of drug related offences. Besides, more than 65 thousand kgs of 'Ganja'(cannabis) , 188099 bottles of cough syrup, 279719  tablets of addiction and 3096  grams of heroin were recovered. And police arrested 660 people suspected of involvement with these crimes. State Chief Minister Biplab Deb also wants Ness-Free Tripura.  Accordingly, the police started extensive anti-drug operations everywhere from the villages to hills. Not only the usual intoxicants and cannabis smugglers, many policemen involved in this network were also detained by police. Police are acting sincerely in anti-drug operations. But on the other fronts of the crime, success rate of police is very less and poor.

After the BJP-IPF alliance came to power, and the entire police department is  busy with anti cannabis drive,   political terrorism has been increasing in the state day by day. Leader of the Opposition Manik Sarkar, Congress President Birajit Sinha, CPM MP Jiten Chaudhary, CPM State Secretary Gautam Das, Former Minister Banulal Saha, Congress leader Ratan Chandra Das have been leading many leaders who were under attack by the ruling political miscreants. In rare cases, the police have been able to take neutral or effective actions against these crimes or terrorism. According to the available data, 991 fights were reported in the state in the year 2017. On the other hand, in the year 2018 (November), there were 1600 fatalities in the state. Similarly, there were incidents of riots in the state in the year 2017. In addition 246 Incidents like disappearances or abductions were registered in the year 2017. In 2017 (November), there were 125 incidents of disappearance and kidnapping.

Before the new government of BJP-IPFT came to power, there was a slogan in the mouth of their leaders - "Sabka Saath, Sabka Bikash, One Tripura, and Best Tripura.  Let's Change…..

" Let's Change Once….  "- people  widely responded to these slogans. And widely the voters gave their opinion in favor of the change. But after the turn of the day, it was found that a section of the BJP-IPFT miscreants in the state started attacking supporters and activists of the opposition political leaders throughout the state. Opposition party offices were broken down. And many people in many places were injured. A lot of people have been victims of this attack, not just ordinary people, but also in the media. Several journalists were attacked in Kamalpur, Belonia, Sabroom, Ambasa, Khowai, Bishalgarh. In no case, the police could  take effective action against these attacks. In the context of the emerging situation, people in every part of the state, or in every subdivision and District are terrified.

State treasury status is not very good in the state. The previous government has left the loan burden for eleven thousand crore taka. In this situations, the government had to increases the salary and wages of the state government and state PSUs employees as per  the seventh central pay commissions recommendations as per BJP-IPFTs  assurance in their election manifesto . But new government hardly did anything for the common poor masses as money is not coming in time for central government projects. The number of jobless people is increasing every day. Jobs under MGNREGA Scheme are also reduced. Many people are excluded from the list of BPL, ration cards, many people deprived from various social benefits and wages. Ordinary people from the villages to  hills have been thrown into more distress due to the joblessness and of increasing political terrorism and various crime incidents across the state. Although the BJP-IPFT leadership talked about peace and harmony sitting in the capital city, it is difficult to bring down the supporters of their lower level leaders in the villages and hills. This in the near future will put the social political situation of the state in more difficult and unstable conditions?


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