Confused 'Bubagra' keeps option open

The Crossed Eye/ Sanjib Deb

November 17, 2022, 13:30:13   

Confused 'Bubagra' keeps option open

The mega gathering of The Indigenous Peoples' Regional Alliance or TIPRA Motha at Swami Vivekananda Maidan on November 12 will remain remarkable for many reasons. These include it was one of the largest attended public meetings the field ever seen, the highest discipline displayed by the party cadres and the evidences of command Pradyot Bikram Kishor have on his followers. But what supersedes all these is the fact that the meeting and the deliberations of the leaders exposed that one of the most popular leaders of the state at the moment is also one of the most confused persons too. The confidence naturally expected to a leader after seeing such spontaneous response from the public was absent in him.


The biggest evidence of his lack of confidence was in his address itself when he threatens the Members of ADC belonging to his party that tiprasha people may demolish their house if any of them deserts the party. Of course, he said such actions may be taken if any of them steps into allurement of money or any other benefits. It was not the first such statement by 'Bubagra' as for last few days he was uttering such warnings. According to Bubagra, not only the MDCs, such allurements came before him also and he voluntarily declared that no cost is enough to allure him.


It is good that the royal scion has declared that he will not step into any allurement but being an honest man it is also his duty to expose the persons who have come to him with offers of money or the posts of Chief Minister, MP or central minister. Apart from his personal issues, what is more significant is his threat to the MDCs, People in the Swami Vivekananda Ground on Saturday saw the evidences of his full command on his cadres but the statement he made from the stage gives a different impression that everything should not be taken on their face value. Despite the display of full command, it proves leader’s lack of confidence on his followers.


Bubagra often speaks of moral values and it is the base for the threat he is giving to his MDCs. But the question naturally comes, is he following this moral standard. In last few months the state witnessed several of MDCs and MLAs switched over from BJP and IPFT to his party TIPRA Motha and Pradyot Bikram happily welcomed them. Where was the question of morality then? Can't people have the right to ask a reply from him? In addition to that how he will justify the instigations he is giving to his people to take violent action against persons who will desert his party. Instigating people, direct or indirect, for violence is a criminal offence and Pradyot Bikram may be charged for committing such crime.  Concerned people may review such legal matters but the statement he made clearly expose his lack of confidence as well as proves that he is a man of confusion.


There is enough reason to believe that the confusion in Bubagra generates from his basic demand the Greater Twipraland. It was the Indigenous Peoples' Front of Twipra (IPFT) who first raised the demand for Twipraland and subsequently Bubagra hijacked it prefixing the word 'Greater'. Pradyot Bikram succeeded in hijacking the demand from IPFT utilising the peoples' sentiment for his royal ancestors but could not give any acceptable explanation for the demand. Rather it only distanced him from the thinking of his ancestors. Many may say the Twipraland demand raised by IPFT was not practical but Narendra Chandra Debbarma had some explanation but after prefixing the word 'Greater' it added only confusion. Any geographical demand needs a clear map in its support but Pradyot Bikram could not place it till now. People of the state were expecting some explanation from him in the meeting but got frustrated.


Pradyot Bikram's statements also must be reviewed in view of the forthcoming state assembly election that is drawing closer. He unilaterally declared that the TIPRA Motha will contest in 40 seats including 20 general seats. At the same time he kept the option for alliance open by saying he may consider if any national party gives him written assurance supporting the Greater Twipraland. It appears that the Motha leader is still expecting some positive response from Congress. Disgusted over the environment within the party, Pradyot once deserted Congress and the post of PCC president. But in recent times, it is observed that he is avoiding criticising Congress while lambasting the BJP and CPI(M) in hardest words. Pradyot Bikram may try to project himself a leader different from others by announcing that he will not go for any post but his statements proves that electoral necessities are hard to avoid.


Last but not the least, despite a record breaking gathering, Pradyot Bikram is suffering from lack of confidence and keeping other option open. However, he kept himself aloof from it and left the responsibility to give the hint to Bijoy Kumar Hrangkhawal, the most charismatic leader among the youths in 1970s and 1980s who was the first man to raise the demand for Independent Tripura. Not only that in 1970s he also created an armed force Tripur Sena to fight for the independence. He almost singlehandedly trained 600 youths with use of arms and subsequently the number was increased to 2000. Hrangkhawal himself referred this history from the dais without any comment. But 'Samajdaro ke lia Isharihe Kafi Hai' (a sign is enough for the wise). The message Pradyot Bikram wanted to spread is clear and loud. The option is open. One thing need to be noted. Bijoy Hrangkhwal wanted to liberate the Tripura, the Manikya rulers used to rule while Pradyot is speaking about the ‘Greater Twipra’ which never existed. Is his forefather hearing?