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[Dr Basab Ghosh, Diabetologist, Dr Basab`s Diabetes Care, Opposite Ramnagar 3, Krishnanagar, Agartala, Tripura. email:]

July 25, 2020, 11:00:07   


What is the effect of lockdown in India? Are we doing our job correctly?

Let us see the numbers of total Covid-19 cases in India in last few months since Lockdown:


1. On 24th March 2020, on lockdown starting day, total COVID-19 cases - 571
2. On 24th April 2020, total cases - 24,448 (571 x 43 times)
3. On 24th May 2020, total cases - 1,38,536 (24,448 x 6 times)
4. On 24th June 2020, total cases - 4,56,116 (1,56,536 x 3.3 times)
5. On 24th July 2020, total cases - 12,87,945 (4,56,116 x 2.8 times). 


6. Now on 24th August 2020, total cases will depend on us?

I believe yes, if we maintain the Social Vaccine SMS (Social-distance, Mask, Sanitizing of hands), numbers will be less than 25,75,890 (2 times of 12,87,945) on 24th August 2020 and thus one day it will come to zero transmission!!

But in India deaths are increasing, so PLEASE BEWARE OF INFRASTRUCTURE FAILURE!!

As per present data on 25th July 2020,

1) India is No 3 in total number of cases in the world. Total number of deaths in India are 31,406.

2) No 2 in serious critical number of cases. Total serious critical cases in India are 8,944

3) Death per million number of statistics is 23, but on 5th July it was 14, and on 5th June this number was much lower to only 5.

In different states of India, including TRIPURA, our Infrastructure should not be exhausted by gradually increasing numbers of total Covid-19 positive cases!

What is infrastructure failure in COVID-19 pandemic time?

1) If Health Care Workers (HCQ) are infected with Covid-19 inlarge nembers, then there will be very less or very very less doctors and nurses left to treat in the hospital for any patient either COVID-19 or NON-COVID.

2) There will be shortages of bed in the Covid Dedicated Hospitals (CDH) for COVID-19 patients, because of

less bed arrangements in CDH from the beginning due to lack of vision of the non doctor authority,

less available doctors and nurses as they are getting positive in huge numbers due to no fixed protocols for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the hospital,

3) Junior doctors like Interns, Junior Residents, Post Graduate students, they are the front line warriors in true sense! If they are not preserved to run the laborious hospital duties in the covid words even the sophisticated centre will fail to perform at the minimum levels. (Duties with complete PPE, which is at times impossible to run eight hours duties for any human being except those dedicated warriors! Even doing duties wearing Huggies! No water, no food for those eight hours!)


This infrastructure failure is the main concern in a pandemic situation, because that will lead serious patients to critical patients and critical patients to the death beds.


In Tripura, in this stage, lockdown might not be the solution! Strict vigilance in the markets just like lockdown period was supposed to be continued even after lockdown, but better late than never!

  1. Immediately strict vigilance in the markets by government authority through social volunteers, clubs and police regarding crowd management, physical distancing, mask using, etc to be imposed for next one month.

  2. All gathering should be prohibited, whether political or non political, religious or non religious, essential or non essential for next one month. Just stop gathering.

  3. All vehicle movements should be checked for essential movements like lockdown period and by order non essential movements should be restricted for next one month.


Correction is needed for every individual to fight COVID-19 Pandemic, for that lockdown not required. Lockdown was imposed initially,

1. to buy time for preparation for fight against COVID-19,

2. to break the chain of transmission.


Now lockdown will be a sign of failure for everyone as we created the situation by irresponsible behaviour! What we could have done, those are debateable! Now we should move forward!


To care both Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Covid-19 cases, few measures might help Tripura in coming crucial days.

  1. GB hospital should be a complete Covid Dedicated Hospital (CDH).

  2. All staffs in GB hospital will be under safety rules of using Public Protective Equipment (PPE).

  3. Minimum 50 High Flow Nasal Oxygen (HFNO) should be established in CDH in GB hospital in Pre-ICU set up, as HFNO is the first line of critical care in symptomatic COVID-19 cases.

  4. ICU in GB should be used for ventilation required Covid-19 cases only. There should be minimum 20 ventilators for critical care of symptomatic COVID-19 cases.

  5. One OT should be dedicated to Covid-19 cases in GB hospital as attached to CDH.

  6. GB and IGM hospital should be merged under one administration.

  7. GB and IGM hospital doctors together will run IGM hospital for all NON-COVID cases in both Out Patient Department (OPD) and for Indoor patients.

  8. Only NON-COVID patients will go to IGM hospital after screening by compulsory Antigen testing.

  9. For any covid treatment, from any dept, from any speciality, doctors will visit CDH in GB hospital on requirement with total PPE guidelines.

  10. Asymptomatic and even mild symptomatic cases should be in home quarantine or in Covid Care Centre (CCC) and all CCCs should be remotely and centrally under 24 hr care of Central Monitor Room for CCCs run by senior doctors from CDH.

  11. On 25th July, news paper it is seen that Hezamara Health Centre will be converted to CCC. This should not be done.

  12. For CCC all rural, sub divisional health institutions should not be touched.

  13. Like Bhagat Singh and International Trade Fair Centre, in every district centrally CCC should be there.

  14. All CCCs should be remotely and centrally under 24 hr care of Central Monitor Room for CCCs run by senior doctors from CDH. This Central Monitor Room may be run by shifting duty by senior doctors from CDH.


Like this we can preserve our Health Care Workers (HCW).It's better to be late, than never!PLEASE BEWARE OF INFRASTRUCTURE FAILURE!!

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