Amrit Lal Saha, Advocate

April 28, 2020, 16:10:32   

The whole world is affected by COVID-19 and is under lockdown. The CORONAVIRUS pandemic has badly affected the world. It is spreading and continuing across the world. There are about 3o lakhs  confirmed coronavirus cases in 185 countries. About two lakh persons have died in the world. In India about 30 thousand persons have been found  positive, 886 persons have died, recovered more than six thousand persons. Infection is spreading and number of deaths is increasing.  If vaccine is not developed the existence of our civilization is endangered.

WHO Director General has said ... ultimately, we will need a vaccine to control this virus.....Developing a COVID-19 vaccine has been accelerated because of previous work WHO and partners have done over several years on vaccines for other coronaviruses including SARS and MERS.

In India, first we had public curfew on 22 march. From 24th march 21 days nation wide  lockdown was declared and the lockdown period has been extended upto 3rd May. Now all indications are there to suggest that lockdown period shall be extended beyond 3rd May in many states.  It is true that nation wide lockdown has helped containing fast spreading COVID-19 in India.

But the disruption in the economy and sufferings of farmers, industry labourers, migrant labourers, small retail traders, basic health care services, pregnant mothers' delivery care, supply chain,..... is also visible. There are reports that 10 to 12 crores persons are jobless and income less due to lockdown. All these show that the poor people are more affected. Large number of workforce need shelters and community kitchens at their place of work. There is another aspect. Police is beating beating people in UP, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, M.P. Delhi,Tripura. In general the doctors, nurses, health workers and police are giving commendable service.

Central Govt announced free ration, dal, But due to lack of coordination timely storage of ration commodities has not been done. This has caused non-supply of ration commodities as per announcements.

Govt has suspended public transports including air, trai, and bus services. Even local private rickshow and auto rickshow services are suspended. Trucks are not carrying goods. Without transp[1]ort services there is no supply chain in place for transporting essential commodities and agricultural produce from 7500 big whole sale markets to 25,000 small weekly markets in the country.  In India 16% workers are agricultural workers, they are badly affected.

In many places many people are given free food packets by  social organizations. AArogya Setu App may also be used to collect information from all the gram panchayats about the number of income less, shelter less hungry people. This will help in proper monitoring and planning by the State and Central governments.

By notification dated 20 march, 2020, Central Govt has ordered that private employers are to retain their employees and pay them full wages during the lockdown period. Elevan small industries have challenged the order in the Supreme court and prayed for directing the govt to pay 70 per dcent of the wages from the PM Cares Fund and other Govt Funds. Supreme Court also heard Similar pleas in petitions filed by companied from Punjab and Karnataka and has ordered the government is to place on record its policy regarding the application of the notification within two weeks.


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