Aftermath of COVID-19, people may face trouble for economic slowdown in India

Abhijit Nath

March 31, 2020, 14:41:12   

Its March end of a financial year and pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19 had disastrously smacked the entire world. Along with other countries, India is not left behind leading with 700 near positive cases and death toll is escalating gradually with 24 of them succumbed till March 29. The country's is already having a fragile economy and those will go down more in the coming days and weeks. However, the union government along with full cooperation of state governments is fighting hard to combat the spread of deadly coronavirus infections, but this will upset the country financial conditions and burden of tax likely to be hiked on shoulders of common people in next few months.

With the arrival of Modi-led government in 2014, there had been major ups and downs in the entire nation in respect to the economical scenario of the country. The economists of both left and right ideologies noted that the condition of country's financial condition is depriving which was later perceived by a good number of BJP-led NDA parliamentarians and state government. A senior leader of BJP-IPFT government of Tripura in condition of anonymity and unofficially expressed about the economic slowdown across the country which led to the reborn of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Registrar of Citizens (NRC) and National Population Register (NPR) in Modi's era. Moreover, the Modi-led government had announced Demonetization in November, 2016 to bring back black money from outside the country, but failed in reaching to the determined position. Even, the exchange rate and value of India's rupee and US dollar had reduced.

In November, 2019, union Home minister Amit Shah declared in Rajya Sabha that NRC would be implemented throughout the country. In December, 2019, union minister Prakash Javedakar announced NPR would be conducted between 2020 and 2021. Again in December, 2019, Parliament of India passed and enacted CAA across the country. "Implementation and conducting of these things across the country would spin the eyes of critics which in turn would help the Modi-led government to remain in power for more years. Basically, CAA, NRC and NPR were completely unnecessary", the leader added. Even, Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina narrated that the decision of enactment of CAA, implementing of NRC and conducting NPR is 'baseless' and 'unnecessary'.

The time when most of the states were protesting against these three moves of the BJP-led NDA government throughout the country as well as in Tripura, BJP's allied partner Indigenous People's Front of Tripura (IPFT), regional political party along with other indigenous parties along with an organization led by former PCC chief and royal scion Pradyot Kishore Debbarman raised their voice against CAA and supported NRC. On the other hand, NRC earned its national prominence with its implementation in Assam which fueled fear and panic across the nation while the government had spent Rs 1600 crore which was absurd eyeing to the financial scenario of country and now, CAG reported huge financial scam during NRC update exercise where the state government has publicly admitted possible financial embezzlement during the exercise.

In the meantime, there had been rise of deadly 'Coronavirus COVID 19' in China. Gradually it had turned to affect European, Middle East, United Kingdom and rest of the countries across the world. This virus would not only slowdown the fragile economy of India, but also of many countries in this world. However, as India was reeling under huge financial crisis from previously itself, but now, the citizens fearing what would come next from end of the central government’s administration after the closing stages of this pandemic.

With the announcements made for lockdown by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and lockdown curfew notified by government in different states across the country, there had been an immense rush of common people for purchasing essential commodities while some vendors had involved in black marketing and illegal stockings of these commodities in various cities and towns across the nation. However, District Magistrates (DMs), Sub-Divisional Magistrates (SDMs) and Block Development Officers (BDOs) along with officials of Food and Civil Supplies departments in different state had conducted raids and managed to curb and stop illegal stockings and black marketing of products to be sold in higher rates to a larger extent. Even, penalties were forced upon several thousands of vegetable vendors during this period.

Although the governments had mentioned in their notifications undersigned by the Chief Secretaries that need of essential commodities would remain exempted from Epidemic Disease Act during the lockdown for the spread of Coronavirus COVID 19 across the country, but police in different states were found abusing power on citizens viciously right from day one. However, it had ended now. Even though, most of families managed to purchase rations and essential commodities in order to isolate from others in the society, a few went outside who failed to collect their necessities before were beaten up by the police personnel violently. There had been a terror and panic among people for the cruel role of police personnel and central forces to some extent. However, this role of police had widened the minds of people after two to three days of the lockdown which was for the good cause of every citizen in India.

Hence of now, it is see by the 134 crore Indians that what the Modi-led government and BJP-led governments in different states are to announce which may or may not benefit the common masses. However, economists, ideologists, intellectuals and educationists smelling that the burden on commoners for collection of tax would be doubled, tripled and quadrupled in the coming months due to the ongoing slowdown of economy of India as well as pandemic of coronavirus COVID 19 had also impacted the entire world.


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