A few positives of corona scare and the lock down

Dr VK Bahuguna

April 13, 2020, 12:42:12   

(The writer is a former civil servant)

Today more than 15 lakh people of world are in the grip of deadly corona virus and as on 10th April 2020 more than 98, 000 people have died of this pandemic. The virus has not left any corner of the earth unaffected by it. However, majority of death have occurred in USA, UK, Italy, Spain, France and China. The scientists are grappling with this virus which used to be for many years confined itself for the common cold as we see its description in our school books even today. It got mutated in snakes and Bats and made entry on humans and killing people by choking the lungs with mucous which ultimately suffocates the body of oxygen killing ultimately due to organ failures. Let the Hydrochloroquine or scientists find control for it. However, this attack has also got some positive indications for the present day world so much engrossed in mad rush for the material  gains. With thepeople under lock down, thenature is showing its power of equilibrium. 

The first positives is its impact on the environment as we see the most polluted cities like Delhi now completely clean and people breathing fresh air. Not only cities the country side gives a very refreshing looks and Himalayan mountain tops are visible from far and wide and wild life indicating how we have cornered them of life and space.  Second all our rivers have become clean. Third, the countrymen have shown unity barring a few instances to fight this in unison and the bureaucracy and civil society is working like never before. Fourth, it also is showing that Indians have better immunity due perhaps to our food habits, inoculations and culture etc. 

World must learn from corona. The governments world over must treat this as an opportunity for establishing a new world order which is in sync with nature’s fundamental values of respecting all form of living and non living and bring ecosystem back to normal for what we have been eluding so far the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. 


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