Tripura's budding musician create ripples.

M.K. Sinha

June 23, 2020, 14:42:52   

He talks less but his self -composed music speak loud.He already let his presence in the field of  fundamental World music as a singer, song composer and musician. Meet Debanjan Biswas, a Mumbai based Mechanical engineer, a KITTanhails from Kailashahar, Tripura. Since his boyhood, he developsa passion for music and always keeps him busy in the world of imagination. He wonders in the imaginary world and keeps composing music. His composing is a mixture of humanity and the reality.Music is a way  and means of transmission of values and fallings for him.

In his journey,  he got a jolt when  his blossom friend cum guide committed suicide and it was  a turning point in his life that forced him to change his usual track. He successfully released acinematic track with an animated  music video namely "Sahara' in remembrance of his lost friend, directed by film maker and animator – Imam Saha.

Sahara mainly a story of a physically challengedgirlwho dreams of vividly past.
Sahara brought for him fame andhe is succeeded  to establish him as a budding singer -composer . In coming days he is going to launch two projects – a single song 'Good Times' and a  six – track album called 'Art of Culture'.

Debanjan, informed he already participated in the "All India Finger Style Competition in 2016" and was selected as one of the finalists. He was also invited to TEDX-2018 to share his experience about his journey of music.

Not only that he already featured in Rolling Stone India, a music oriented magazine, published from the USA(America).

Highlighting the album "Art of Culture’ album, Mr. Biswas says,' This album will be a very special for him as it is going to be my debut project where I will rebuild the essence of each and every state's  major instrument's sound and artists, which are gradually losing their sonic beauty due to commercial market and poor art form".

"I have always wanted to create a composition fundamentally based on the belief that we can stand by each other in need, being the support, standing by the distress and hapless by the circumstances'-he said.
Further he adds , 'People do live with anxieties, with negativity, that with time become their heaviest burden. They become traumatized and take ultimate decision '.

'I realised the truth. The truth that life spares none and it examines one in every moment. Later, I experienced a sort of urge. An urge to stand by, trying to find a remedy as I found that I was not the one out there. I realised that music can bring some solace to the suffers. That was the thought of composing Sahara originated'- he shares.

Debanjansays, he is inspired by renowned film maker  Lt. Satyajit Roy work and he, too  wants to work with traditional tunes.

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