Ensuring the economic welfare and development of people is the guiding principle of governments in any democratic polity. Keeping this cardinal principle and ideal in view the state government of Tripura also implement a large number of its own schemes as well as many centrally sponsored schemes . Even though the number of beneficiaries of such schemes has been growing steadily over the past fourteen years , a large section of people lack proper information about the scope and nature of the surfeit of schemes being implemented for their welfare . keeping this stark reality in view tripurainfo.com in its latest publication 'Government scheme guideline' has presented to interested readers all the details of various welfare and development schemes being implemented by the state government . This book in lucid Bengali provides details of what the schemes and who the targeted beneficiaries are and how their benefits can be availed of by needy people . The book is an essential guide not only to common readers but also to elected representatives and government officials and employees entrusted with responsibility for implementing various welfare schemes .

Sekhar Datta, Journalist,
Editorial Director


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