's latest publication 'Asimantik' (beyond borders) was formally unveiled by chief minister Sri Manik Sarkar on August 5 in Agartala Town Hall at the time of the inauguration of the 7th All Tripura Mega Quiz programme. The best tribute to the quality of the book was paid by the chief minister himself who commended the book to the reading public keen to cull crucial information about Tripura . 'Splendid and wonderfully printed with high quality photographs'-were the exact words of appreciation expressed by the chief minister.

Divided into altogether 22 chapters, 'Asimantik' is a rich treasure trove of multi-dimensional information on Tripura. The data and information have been culled and collated by's team of experts from unimpeachable sources for authenticity. This book is a must-buy for anyone keen to know Tripura in all its diverse forms . While unveiling the book the chief minister had called upon authority to give a liberal discount on the original price of the book. In deference to the wishes of the honourable chief minister we have decided to give a whopping 40% discount for students keen to purchase 'Asimantik'.

Sekhar Datta, Journalist,
Editorial Director


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