Sudip Roy Barman speaks his mind to media, vents dismay over current state

of affairs in politics, not to join Trinamool but to strengthen party from within



Former health minister Sudip Roy Barman who has been an MLA for five consecutive times is always in political and media focus because of the courageous and forthright stand he takes on sensitive issues without caring for personal and factional interests. The latest reshuffle in the state’s BJP-IPFT ministry has yet again pitch forked Roy Barman to the focus of media and politics because of his much-sought after views and stands. In the following interview with Sudip freely and frankly articulated his political position.


Question: There seems to be restiveness in ruling BJP over reshuffle of ministry and functioning of government. How do you think the party and the government are running?


Answer: The party and the government have not been running well as the ‘Vision Document’ on the basis of which this government came to power seems to have been forgotten. No body refers to the ‘Vision Document’ and the promises made in it. Besides, the old timers of the party who contributed a lot to the growth of BJP have also vented their disappointments over the functioning of the government and the party and they have reported all these to the central leadership also.



Question: The BJP is quite rich in its veteran and experienced leadership who made the party what it is. Are they not consulted on important issues and how are the party and the government being run? 


Answer: I am in politics to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of people and not for my personal benefits. What I am saying now was repeatedly said by veteran leaders like Ranajy Deb, Swapan Adhikari, Manik Das, Tapas Bhattacharya, Sujit Banerjee and many other leaders across the state but nothing has happened because the party and the government are run here by one man who calls all the shots. Those who raise their voice against the malfunctioning of the party and the government on principled ground are sought to be cornered and victimized by misleading the central leadership just as a vendetta is on against me also now. I am keen to work for the party but no programme is given to me.


Question: Who runs the party now and how ? Who is actually running the party?


Answer: You had better ask Papiya Dutta and Tinku Roy who frame policies and run the party. Those who express contrary views in the interest of the party are always attacked and humiliated by hoodlums who come on motor bikes to execute their nefarious jobs. It is not that only leaders and workers of opposition parties are attacked by such elements, we are also victims of the same strategy and tactics.


Question: Is it true that you five MLAs organized a meeting in the compound of Maharani Tulsivati Balika Vidyalaya to mount pressure on central leaders a short while ahead of the reshuffle of the ministry? Why did you resort to this?


Answer: I have already said that after coming to power this government and even the party are being run by one person. We planned to provide a platform to people whose voice remains unheard. Those who attended our meeting spoke their hearts out and we will now send a detailed memorandum to the central leadership containing the views of common people and grassroot level workers so that corrective steps can be taken by them. We did this in the interest of the party and not with any extraneous agenda.


Question: There are reports that you were asked to join the ministry and, if that be so, why do not you join the ministry? What is your problem?


Answer: Why should I rejoin the ministry? I do not as yet know why I was dropped from the ministry in the first place, was I an inefficient minister? Yes, there are people who try to run as many as 27 portfolios including important ones in their self-interest but I have no such agenda and , hence, I am not going to join any ministry under him. After I had refused to join, Asish was also approached to be a minister but he also declined the offer politely. One should become a minister only when there is realization that one can contribute to the welfare of the people.


Question: It is noticeable that there is an inertia in the administration in the matter of fulfilling legitimate demands of people and there is no action on Modiji’s slogan of ‘Vocal for Local’. The local people hardly get any work or even jobs and ministers also make comments in social media. Why are these things happening??


Answer: You are absolutely right. I was recently in Guwahti to meet Himanta Biswa Sarma and Mebar Jamatya was also there. Mebar told me that he had once called the chief secretary to come to his chamber on an important work but the chief secretary Kumar Alok flatly refused saying he had no time and Mebar himself could go to his chamber. He is astonished and befuddled by what is happening to the government. Now you can well imagine how the government is running, I do not need to make comment except that I do not give any importance to lot of nonsense being mouthed occasionally by people in government as the people and media in and outside Tripura know who says what.


Question: What is your future plan ? There is speculation that you and your followers will join the Trinamool soon.


Answer: I have nothing to do with Trinamool; they have not invited me and for myself and my followers there is as yet no question of getting in touch with the Trinamool.