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The party is keeping an eye on the good and bad of the Tripura government and the work of the party - Ajay Jamwal


What is happening in Tripura-everything good and bad- is in the eyes of the party. BJP's Tripura in-charge Ajay Jamwal said in an exclusive interview with at the State Guest House this morning, Shri Jamwal lauded the work of Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb. Ajay Jamwal commented that the way Biplab Kumar Deb is working hard as a Chief Minister as a first time MLA and thinking of making Tripura a model state is really commendable. BJP National General Secretary Ajay Jamwal who is also the in-charge of north east is on a three days' visit to Tripura in order to further strengthen the party organisational base in the state. He is also a RSS Pracharak. Below is a brief summary of some of the topics that he was asked about in a very short interview with Ajay Jamwal.


Question: What would you say about the performance of the BJP government in Tripura and the Chief Minister of the government?

Answer: Excellent in one word. I am satisfied.


Question: Mr Deb's performance as Chief Minister? 


Answer: Why, is not it very good? What do you think? Well, remember that Biplab Kumar Deb is the first time MLA who became Chief Minister for the first time. But even after that, the way he has been working day and night for the overall development of the state is unprecedented. Every scheme launched in the state mirrors his nails. Keep track of each department. It will take a little longer. You will see that Tripura will improve further.


Question: There should be twelve ministers in the cabinet. But there are only 8 ministers presently. Many MLAs want to be ministers. Many are disappointed not to be so. What do you say? When can the cabinet be expanded??


Answer: No one is disgruntled. All MLAs are doing well. And the cabinet cannot be expanded in this way. It is the decision of the party. The party knows what to do in Tripura and how to do it. Wait for some time. Everything will be fine. The cabinet will be expanded, if necessary.


Question: You said everything is going well in Tripura? No MLA is unhappy?


Answer: Yes, brother. Koi naraj nehi he. Why will they be unhappy? Yes, there may be a communication gap sometimes. The party is going ahead, everything is team work.


Question: There are frequent clashes between BJP workers and your ally IPFT. Opponents are also being attacked and ADC vote is ahead. Will you fight the ADC vote with IPFT?


Answer: Why not brother (Q nehi bhai)? IPFT is still with us. There may be many other reasons behind the incidents of political clashes on the ground. The local leadership is taking care of all this.


Question: The Covid Pandemic is going on now. But Tripura does not have a full-time health minister. Many people think that a full time health minister is needed at this time because, the Chief Minister has 27 departments to look after. Many say he can't give time. What do you say?


Answer: The Tripura government is doing a very good job in dealing with the Covid pandemic in comparison to others states. Covid-19 death rates are still very low here. Recovery rates are also very good. But there are some problems in all the states. There may also be some problems in your state too. But everybody is working hard to overcome the situation.


Question: There are allegations that several people have died due to lack of oxygen supply at Tripura's main Covid Hospital GB?


Answer: How it can be, I don't know. I don't have such news.


Question: Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi's slogan is 'Vocal for Local' - 'Self-reliant India' and Tripura Chief Minister's slogan is 'Self-reliant Tripura'. But it has been alleged that in many cases this is not being done in Tripura. There are allegations that outside Tripura companies are also being called in for minor works. Despite the competence and eligibility of the locals, in many cases they are not able even to participate in the tender. Has your party forgotten the vision document given before the vote? What do you say?


Answer: Is that so? (Eisa he keya?). I don't believe and I don't have such news. Biplab Deb himself wants the work of Tripura to be done by the people of Tripura. That is why he has given the slogan 'Atmanirvar Tripura'. If it is a work worth hundreds of crores of rupees, it is another matter. But why would small work go to an outside company? If it is so, I will counter check (Agar aisa hua to me khabar lunga). I don't want this to happen.