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23.02.2021Dipu Debbarmadipudebbarma99@gmail.comDear Editor, ADC headquarter name is not Khwamlwang, ADC headquarter name is Khumulwng.
'10,323 retrenched teachers to hold rally in front of Rabindra Shata Varshiki Bhawan on 15th February'

'10,323 teachers file cases with human rights commission and high court for high-handed police repression'

'Another retrenched teacher dies of heart attack, prolonged joblessness continues to take toll'

'10,323 retrenched teachers to launch agitation for jobs afresh from February 3'

'TTAADC Election Date Disappoints Christian Community, demands reschedule'

'Badal Chowdhury and three other senior CPI (M) leaders of Belonia attacked by BJP mafia elements, referred to GBP hospital with serious injury'

'CPI (M) supporter murdered, no arrest so far by police , investigation on'

'Objection to ADC poll date , Jiten and JMC leader protest fixing of poll date on 4th April'