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30.05.2019Mousumi DasDasm@gmail.comkeep writing sir.
29.05.2019Abhijit writing on forest related topics regularly.
27.05.2019Chandan related write up. Keep writing similar type in comimg days sir....
25.05.2019Ritam Majumderrimaj@gmail.comKeep writing sir on forest related topics atleast once in a month. Visit again Tripura Sir. We, the Tripuraites always remember you Sir forever.
22.05.2019Rituparna Senguptasenguptaparna@gmail.comPeople of Tripura will remember you Sir forever. Enjoy retired life with good healthy condition.
22.05.2019Rathindra Jamatiarajablg@gmail.comYou are loving Tripura till today. Thanks Sir. Visit again Sir.
22.05.2019Ratish Sahasahaopt@gmail.comKeep writing regularly sir for Tripura's biodiversity.
22.05.2019Arindam Sarkararindamnews@gmail.comNicely written Sir.