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30.05.2020Dr.Kaushik Royabpmjaydpckhw@gmail.comVery true....Thank you Sir for the valuable article.
31.03.2020Swapan Debbarmaspnimang@gmail.comThank you Sir for writing details about covid-19. Sir,is there Homeo medicine against the coronavirus disease ? pl write
31.03.2020Arup Tarataruptarat@rediffmail.comAppreciate Dr. Debasish for such a lucid , very specific and informative discussion on Chinese COVID.
25.03.2020jollydasguptajollydasgupta1@gmail.comWell advice sir. Everyone should follow this.our awareness only help us to fight this disease. Your step to alarming others is appreciable. Thanks
23.03.2020Tamanna Dastadasagt@gmail.comAbsolutely correct.
23.03.2020Anima Paulpaulsa@gmail.comVery good write up.
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