Whither Congress, Whither 'Congress Lao, Desh Bachao' sloganeering

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, February 10, 2019: The traditional servility of Congress rank and file is invariably reflected in spineless sloganeering such as 'Congress lao desh bachao, Sonia lao desh bachao, 'Rahul lao desh bachao' et al. No other political party's rank and file and lay cadres have ever resorted to such stupidly servile sloganeering. Tripura was no exception in this regard as on top of Congress Bhawan in the heart of Agartala a prominently inscribed slogan read 'Congress lao desh bachao' till recently. But now two prominent flexes of the smugly smiling Mother-Son duo, Sonia and Rahul, top the seventy year old Congress Bhawan. This is however only a decoy to hide the inconvenient fact of the roof of the two-storied Congress Bhawan in the heart of Agartala having been leased out to a private business company as its headquarters. Naturally the company operating under the banner of 'Seema advertisements' to deal in flexes, posters and cut-outs will now have total right of further construction of structures over the dilapidated roof of the Congress Bhawan. According to reports emanating from authentic sources the 'Seema advertisement' company had paid the present dispensation of the PCC handsomely to have the spacious roof of the Congress Bhawan leased out.

Earlier in the late nineties the then PCC president and former chief minister Sudhir Ranjan Mazumder had given the right of possession of a large space within the Congress Bhawan to local businessman , late Manu Saha who was a dealer of Pepsi Cola, triggering off controversy. Sudhir Babu had to backtrack but his successors seem more desperate and determined for liquid cash. Already two large rooms on the ground floor of the Congress Bhawan are occupied by two business establishments, 'Nirmal Medic' and 'The Pioneer Trading Company' who are running good business. They had similarly earned the right of possession by paying their way through to high-ups in the PCC.

While this is eloquent testimony to the nature of goings-on in the state Congress, a pathetic sight in front of the Congress Bhawan yesterday tell a significant story. A rump group of 10/12 overenthusiastic Congressmen had gathered in front of the Bhawan to show black flags to the prime minister Narendra Modi. They knew they would not be able to move through the streets and remained struck in front of the Bhawan only to be encircled by a large posse of security men to ensure they could not move. On the part of police it was deploying cannons to kill mice but it clicked. However, the few pitiable Congressmen had the vicarious gratification of throwing up in the sky a number of black balloons to register their Lilliputian  protest against the Gulliver prime minister and this fizzled out without notice. Whither Congress in Tripura-up for auction ?  


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