'Hua to Hua' : doomed 10,323 await tragic fall of the guillotine

By Our Correspondent

Agartala May 14,2019  : With the BJP-IPFT state government adopting the policy of 'Hua to Hua', made famous or notorious by Rahul Gandhi’s guardian Sam Pitroda, the 10,323 teachers, wrongly consigned to the status of ad  hoc by the judiciary, now await downright dismissal from service and inevitable loss of livelihood on and from March 31 2020, the dooms day. The situation has come to such pass that in stead of compassionately considering the legitimate observation of the high court of Tripura made on January 8 this year and protecting the services of the teachers by a cabinet resolution the education minister Ratan Lal Nath described the hapless teachers as 'incompetent' and 'product of sin'. Facing adverse reaction from all around Nath later sought to twist his version to suit circumstances. Significantly,the same Ratan Lal Nath in the new government's second or third cabinet meeting had pleaded continuation of service of the doomed teachers citing possible statewide reaction . How and why the change in attitude has come about is still a mystery. But this is not all .

The senior lawyer who had represented the hapless lot of teachers and obtained a favourable observation from the high court is now refusing to represent them again even to report to the court that the state government had ridden roughshod over the observation and stuck to the apex court order on ad hoc status. No reason was cited but it was quite palpable that the senior lawyer is under pressure not to press the case .The advocate general who had earlier challenged the erstwhile state government's recruitment policy and gloated over the wrongly interpreted en masse dismissal is also determined to ensure that the 10,323 lose their jobs and livelihood. Running from door to door the hapless teachers are also deeply despondent and tired. 

But many questions still remain as there are lot of legal and legislative  options to save these hapless souls as the erstwhile state government never filed a review petition against the apex court order of March 29 or December 14 of the apex court . Moreover the Interlocutory Application filed by the hapless teachers facing dismissal to the apex court is yet to be listed and heard. ‘For a series of blunders committed by the previous government and insensitivity and breach of promise of the incumbent government we are now on the verge of destruction ; nobody is prepared to accept the truth that even the judgment of justice Dipak Kumar Gupta and Swapan Chandra Das had ordered retrenchment of only 471 teachers and not the entire lot of 10,323 as written in Para-127 of the order passed on May 7 2014 ; seen in this context even by the supreme court order of March 29 2017 our jobs can not go as the apex court only upheld the high court order in entirety’ said a senior teacher among the 10,323.  


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