Fly-over closed during 'Puja' days to vehicle movement, lot of pedestrians move up and down

By Our Correspondent

Agartala, October 07, 2019 : A new and major problem has emerged for the state's new landmark, the just inaugurated flyover connecting AD Nagar police line with Melarmath on the one hand and Fire Brigade Chowmuhuni on the other. Keeping in view the great enthusiasm among people to stroll up and down the fly over as part of 'Puja' festivity, the authorities closed the fly-over o vehicle movement on it from 6-00 PM to 6-00 AM to enable people to walk on it at will . This has been in force from the evening of 'Saptami' day, first day of 'Durga Puja' to the early hours after the 'Dashami' night on October 8 . As a result there is a glut of people walking on the fly-over from the evening to early hours of next day during the 'Puja' season.

But the multitude of people who stroll on the highway have created a major problem of pollution . Most of the people of Agartala including many who come from Bangladesh across the border have started dumping single-use plastic, water bottles made of plastic or glass, betel leaf excreta , cigarette butts and packets anywhere and every were on the fly-over , creating huge amount of pollution which need to be cleared, the authorities said . "It seems the people here are totally oblivious to or callous about the national movement of 'Swachh Bharat' and pollution free life launched by the prime minister along with the single use plastic abandonment drive; they go about merrily creating pollution everywhere ; these uncultured people have to be sensitised about cleanliness and need for keeping pollution at bay' said sources. Besides, the spaces on the fly-over for turn to Melarmath and Fire Brigade in Battala area are very small and may cause vehicular accidents ; hence there has to be police patrolling on traffic control on these spots of turning ; we are thinking about this" said official sources.  


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