'Bangabandhu's birth centenary to be celebrated with a slew of programmes by Bangladesh Assistant High Commissioner's office on 17th

By Our Correspondent

Agartala March 15,2019 : 'Bagabandhu' Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman, perhaps the greatest Bengali political leader after 'Deshbndhu' Chittaranjan Das and 'Netaji' Subhas Chandra Bose, was a legendary figure in twentieth century politics of the world. A great-hearted man who practiced inclusive and accommodative political ethos had been able to irrevocably change the map of Indian sub-continent with his oratory ,organizational skill , agitational prowess and an innate capacity for mass mobilization. Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman was truly one of the greatest mass leaders the Indian subcontinent had ever produced. He created a new country for Bengalis and the honorific  'Bangabandhu' accorded him by his enchanted followers, is truly and richly deserved. 

A student leader of the pre-partition Muslim League, true to the current trend  , 'Bangabandhu' had realized well in time in the immediate aftermath of partition that cultural and linguistic identity, reinforced by nationality  always transcend  mere religious belief and entity. He had changed the name of his party from 'Pakistan Awami Muslim Leauge' to 'Awami Leauge' to make his party an authentic party of all Bengalis cutting across castes  and creeds. 'Bangabandhu' was the giant leader who had opened relief camps in many parts of then East Pakistan and arranged to have victims of grisly rioting shifted to hospital for treatment with his party volunteers. At a time of complete insanity caused by mindless communal polarization, It was 'Bangabandhu' who had stood tall as a saviour of the hapless Hindu, Buddhist and other minorities of then East Pakistan . His legacy needs to be respected and espoused. It was a quirk of history that  he had to pay with his life and those of his family members for all the goods he had done on the sinister morning of August 15 1975. 

His birth centenary deserves to be celebrated and observed by all Bengalis beyond borders as a tribute to one of the noblest souls of twentieth century politics. The Agartala-based Assistant High Commission of Bangladesh is organizing a two-day programme in the compound of the high commission on March 17, the day 'Bangabandhu' descended on earth. In the opening programme on 17th March , a discussion will be held over the 'Bangabandh's life, ideals, politics and contribution which will be followed by  cultural programme.  On the 18th morning a completion on drawing pictures on different topics will be held . This was announced by the Assistant High Commissioner Kirit Chakma in an interaction with the media which was also attended by 1st secretary of the assistant high commission Jakir Hossain Bhuiyan and second secretary Iqbal Hossain.


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