AG writes to state government seeking detailed adjustment of AC Bills

By Our Correspondent

Agartala July 12 ,2019: In the last year of coverage (2019-2020) of the 14th finance commission , the Tripura like counterparts in many other states including Centre, confronts a major resource constraint and liquidity crisis . This has also stood in the way of implementation of a series of project and decisions involving financial commitments. Despite claims being made by ministers regarding receipt of funds on specific projects from Centre the financial woes continue to haunt the state government. According to highly placed sources in the secretarial administration the state government's financial woes will ease once the allocation of funds recommended by the 15the finance commission starts devolving from April 1 2020. 

But in the mean time various departments of the state government, specially the drawing and disbursing officers (DDOs) confront a major problem of furnishing detailed contingent (DC) bills against the abstract contingent (AC) bills they drew from treasuries to meet emergency expenses at times of shortages of funds. The auditor general (AG) office in the state has already addressed letter to the state government seeking urgent adjustment of AC bills through submission of DC bills . " The AC bills are allowed to be drawn by DDOs without pucca receipts or vouchers or detailed accounting for meeting emergency or unforeseen expenses but these bills have to be adjusted within a reasonable time by submission of DC bills with all supporting documents like receipts and vouchers to justify the expenses ; over the past year in Tripura drawal of AC bills have piled up but we are not receiving DC bills , as required by standing norms, and this is highly irregular; so we have written to the state government on the matter on June 10' said highly placed sources in the department of AG.

Sources in the secretariat said that over the past sixteen months DDOs in most of the departments have been forced to draw cash from treasuries through AC bills but DC bills have not be furnished in most of the cases . "Since the matter has been brought to the notice of the state government , it will be looked into and arrangements will be made to have them furnished by DDOs ,otherwise the crisis will deepen and this irregularity can not be allowed to go on for any length of time" said sources. However, they added that things will stabilize after devolution of funds sanctioned by the 15th finance commission commences from April 1 next year.   


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