Two sets of model code of conduct in India? Modi draws flak but Congress goes gung-ho with abuses and invectives

Shekhar Dutta

Going by fulminations of the Congress and its political accomplices in the opposition there seems to be two sets of  'model code of conduct' enforced by the election commission-one for the opposition and another for  BJP. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi had raised the hackles of traditionally corrupt Congress and its servile family retainers by describing Rajiv Gandhi as 'corrupt'. A lot of righteous indignation and elitist outrage greeted the epithet and a complaint was filed to the election commission, promptly dismissed by the supreme poll body as of no consequence.

Leaving aside what the prime minister has sustained over the past seventeen years  since his assumption of chief ministership of Gujrat in October 2001 and continues to suffer, the crestfallen Congressmen seem  to have sealed in oblivion why and how the Rajiv-led Congress had suffered debacle in the Loksabha election of 1989 and the issues that had dominated the run-up to that  election. The Bofors issue , the biggest defence purchase scandal in India so far, had put Rajiv , his close Italian relative Ottavio Quottarochi  and other Gandhi acolytes in a tight spot . The whiff of the scam had initially been leaked by Swedish Radio with account numbers where money had been deposited. There was a hue and cry as Rajiv had persuaded the then Swedish prime minister Olof Palme to bury all investigations into the issue and a captive Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) headed by Gandhi loyalist B. Shankaranand had produced an infructuous report ,clearing his boss's name in a brazenly dubious manner.  

But the nemesis struck as finally the money trail to Quottarochi had been spotted in the Bank of London and the entire amount had been frozen until Madam Sonia had arranged to have it defrozen by deputing her lackeys in government of India post-2004. Rajiv himself was unable to clear his name as multiple skeletons had tumbled out till his tragic assassination in May 1991 in the midst of general elections. V.P. Singh , the sterlingly honest finance minister in Rajiv Gndhi's cabinet had to be expelled for spilling beans . Even his assassination by the demented Srilankan Tamil suicide bombers   again was the upshot of Rajiv's folly-faulty Srilankan policy that antagonized both Tamils and Singhalese and finally his defiance of intelligence inputs regarding security.

Apart from this, prominent Rajiv acolyte and, arguably independent India's most corrupt central cabinet minister, P.Chidambaram had also castigated Rajiv's 'mishandling of defence purchase' (Bofors), misunderstanding of Srilankan Tamil issue and lot of other acts of omission and commission. This was post-1996 in an interview with the Zee News after Chidmbaram had joined 'Tamil Maanila Congress' floated by late G.K.Moopanar. What this proves is left to the judgment of people .

But the most scathing indictment of Rjiv Gandhi is available in his one-time close follower , late Arjun Singh, former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh,governor of Punjab and later central cabinet minister, in his autographical work 'A grain of sand in the hourglass of time'. Arjun has categorically held responsible Rajiv Gandhi for paving the way for escape by flight of Warren Anderson, the proprietor of 'Union Carbide'  , the mick gas manufacturing company whose accidental gas leak had led to the tragic death of more than twenty five thousand Indians in December 1984 in and around Bhopal . In stead of arresting and prosecuting Warren Anderson Rajiv had persuaded Arjun Singh to let him escape , presumably under US pressure and possibly in lieu of persuasive inducements. So much for Rajiv's  non-corrupt image ! The victims of India's worst industrial disaster and their relatives still await payment of a modicum of compensation but this has eluded them because of bungling by the successive governments of India and this is now reduced to a footnote in history.

Besides, Congressmen might try to have us forget but people do still recall with horror how Rajiv had justified the genocide of more than five thousand Sikhs in many parts of India, specially in Delhi in the aftermath of his mother Ms Indira Gandhi's assassination on 31st October 1984. What Rajiv had proclaimed in a public meeting was 'when a big tree falls ,the earth shakes' as post-facto rationalization of the genocide committed by his partymen. If this is a sign of non-corruption and political probity ,what is corruption and lack of probity ? A new definition is in order. Only one senior Congress leader Sajjan Kumar has been sentenced to prison for leading the anti-Sikh riots but others including newly anointed chief minister 'Bhrashta Nath' continue to enjoy loaves and fishes of power.

Now a study by contrast with commoner Narendra Modi . The choicest epithets hurled by Congressmen and other leading lights of opposition at Modi over the past eighteen years  include 'Maut ke Saudagarh', 'Jawhar ke Kheti', 'Bhashmasur', 'Chaiwala', 'Gangu Teli' , 'Mungeri Lal', 'Neech', 'Chor', 'stupid' and worse, without any iota of evidence or proof. Apart from this, Modi's caste , family including his centurion mother and late father have not been spared by the rotten Congressis and so-called Modi-baiters in the opposition. But the opposition had set a world record of sorts way back in  2008 when 74 Indian opposition leaders had petitioned  US president Barrack Obama against giving visa to Modi for visiting the USA as if Obama was India's diplomatic guardian-angel.  What can be more shameful for the country ? Absolutely unable to fight Modi politically in his home state , the Congress led opposition had sought to derive perverse gratification by sullying his name at the international level  at the cost of the country's image and prestige.  

Many other dirty tricks were employed by the Congress and its dirty tricks department to humiliate Modi even after he became prime minister . A nine-hour grilling by the supreme court appointed SIT on Gujrat riots of which Modi , then incumbent chief minister of the state ,had come out clean and unscathed is a case in point but the rotten Congress and its accomplices in the opposition can ill afford to relent. Finally,   Modi is also a human being and ,hence,in case he chooses at least once to pay back in kind for the heaps of insults and humiliations to himself as well as to his family on the basis of incontrovertible facts , can anyone find any serious fault with this, even though the noise may sound shrill. If Modi is accused of violation of model code of conduct what did 'Rahul Baba' and his army of mindless 'chamchas' do by consistently and continuously insulting Modi and his family including his parents ? There can not be two sets of model code of conduct-one for opposition and another for the ruling dispensation including the prime minister.


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