Tripura is a land that comprises one of the seven northeastern states of India. With a history shrouded in legends and traditions, Tripura represents a land ruled by the Rajas. It is also said to have played a role in the battle of Kurukshetra. A line of 74 rajas had ruled over Tripura after which the Rajas were called by the little of 'Manikya'.

In about 1280 Ad Tripura experienced the onslaught of the Muslims-This was followed by the inhabitation of settlers from Bengal and Burma. The Bengal sultanate dominated till 1515. During the rule of Jasodhara Manikya in 1586 the Tripura Rajas confronted the Mughals ceding a portion of Tripura to them after his defeat.

It was during Krishna Manikya's rule from 1760-1783 that Tripura ceded to the British who wrested power on the pretext of resolving issues between the rulers.

On 15th October 1949 it joined the India Union as a state.


Tripura, located on the extreme corner of the Indian subcontinent, Tripura has Bangladesh as its border on its north, west and south. Assam and Mizoram border the eastern part of the state. Tripura was always a princely state ruled by a Maharaja until the time of independence and never came under British supervision. This meant that it did not become ‘fashionable’ as a winter resort like Shillong (in Meghalaya) and Shimla (in Himachal Pradesh) became. Yet, this tiny state - the smallest in terms of area, claim to a variety of attractions in terms of archeological importance, religious significance, folk and tribal culture and ethnic artifacts.

Capital : Agartala
Date of Attaining Statehood : 21st January, 1972
Population (Census 2011) : 36,71,032
Area : 10486 Sq. km
Districts : 8
Official Language : English and Bengali
Other Languages/Dialects : 'Bengali' is the language used by the majority of people of Tripura. The other important language is 'Kak - Barak' or 'Tripuri' which belongs to the Tibeto - Burman group. The 'Tripuri' language uses the Bengali script. The dialects are Halam and sub- dialects are Rankhal and Chakma.
Population Composition : Decadal Population Growth Rate (2001- 2011, Census 2011) 4,71,829
Population Density (persons per sq km as per census 2011) 2001
Sex Ratio (Females per 1000 males) 2001
Literacy 2001
ST population% (Census 2001) (from website of M/o Tribal Affairs) 31.13
SC population % (Census 2001) (from website of M/o SJ&E) 17.4
Forest Cover : India State of Forest Report 2011
Seats in Legislative Assembly : 60
Seats in Lok Sabha : 2 (1 Tripura West, 2 Tripura East (ST))
Seats in Rajya Sabha : 1
Governor : Shri Tathagata Roy
Chief Minister : Shri Manik Sarkar
State Portal :
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State bird : Green imperial pigeon
State animal : Phayre's Langur
State tree : Agar
State flower : Nagesar