Assam Agriculture

Agriculture and allied activities is the only mainstay of the State's economy where about 70 percent of the population depends on it. Agriculture in the State is confined to 10.48 percent of the total geographical area. The irrigated area is 30,980 ha. i.e. 13.24 percent of the net agricultural land. The State is marginally deficit in cereals and highly deficit in the production of oilseeds and pulses. In spite of the rapid advancement in the crop productivity, the faster of population growth poses a great problem to agriculture in the State.
The State Agriculture Department now plans to go ahead with diversification and commercialisation during the 11th Plan period with the following aims an objective:
1.To increase the Net Agricultural Area of the State to the tune of 3.86 percent and 18.68 percent Gross Agricultural Area over the 10th Plan achievement,
2.To increase the cropping intensity to from the present level of 132.73 percent to 140.45 percent by the end of 11th,
3.7.97 Percent Annual growth rate of the over all crop production and targeted 39.85 percent increase in crop production by the end of 11th Plan over the 10th Plan achievement.
To achieve the above aims and objective, thrusts are given to the following areas:
1.Quality Seed Production
2.Assured Irrigation
3.Farm Mechanization,
4.Soil Health Management
5.Organic Farming
6.Multiple Cropping
7.Post Harvest Management
8.Regulation of Markets
9.Research and Development (R&D) in Bio-technology an Agro-processing
10.Application of Information Technology in Agriculture and
11.Transfer of Technology : (a) Establishment of Farmers Field School in each district and (b) Extension management.

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