full profile of  Asim Chakraborty
Image not found Name: Asim Chakraborty
Father's Name: Sri Mukunda Chakraborty
Mother's Name: Smt. Dipali Chakraborty
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 26 July, 1987
Age: 29
Blood Group: B Positive
Religion: Hindu
Caste: Bramhin
Address: Lembuchara, Yubatara, Near Holy Cross College.
Contact No.: 8730826879
Nationality: Indian
Qualification: Graduate
Service Details: Contractor
Height & Complexion: 5 feet 7 inch, Fair
Femily Details: Parents, One Sister (Married).
Rashi: Mesh
Gon: Nara
Gotra: Kashyap
Preference: Educated & good looking girl.
Preferred Location: Tripura