Clad in a simple ‘Saree’ and wearing cheap Chappals, BJP’s Pratima Bhowmik exudes a vibrant energy which is infectious. A BJP worker since her early youth in Dhanpur, Pratima , universally known and addressed as ‘Didi’ like formidable Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, is still as busy as she was before the assembly elections. Taking time off her simple morning meal, Pratima spoke to at home , providing pithy and pointed replies to queries put to her:-


Question: Is there a possibility of organizational reshuffle in BJP in the state soon?


Answer: For the present there is no possibility of a change or reshuffle . But in the near future changes may be brought about in district and ‘Mandal’ level to further strengthen the organization.



Question: There are reports that you will become the state president of BJP soon. How far is it correct?


Answer: I am not aware of any such report or speculation. As far as I am concerned, it will be better if I do not become the state party president.


Question: We often receive reports of clashes involving BJP and IPFT workers. What are the reasons for this?


Answer: There is no ground for differences with IPFT. Our political understanding with them is not based on ‘Twipraland’ issue but there may be differences on small issues at the local level but these issues are being sorted out soon. But I must say that the IPFT workers at the grassroot level must be under better control of the state level leaders. We have this in BJP.


Question: Is it true that BJP will put up candidates for both the Loksabha seats of the state?


Answer: Yes, BJP will contest both the loksabha seats of the state. There is no room for doubt about this.


Question: Who will be the BJP candidates in the loksabha polls?


Answer: This has not yet been decided . In all such matters the parliamentary board of the party always take the final decision, so we have to wait and watch.


Question: There are certain names doing the rounds as possible candidates. Is there truth in the names being circulated?


Answer: : I can not make any comment on this. The people circulating the names can say more authentically why they are doing so. The names of candidates will be announced only after January next year.


Question: There are many pre-poll promises which show no sign of being fulfilled. What are the reasons?


Answer: Please wait a bit. All commitments will be fulfilled. Many new things will be done for the people before the Loksabha polls.


Question: How is the administration running? It is reported that there is a severe financial crisis?


Answer: How the administration is running is left to your judgment and analysis. But it is definitely true that there is a severe financial crisis because the previous left front government left behind a debt burden of Rs 11 thousand crores whose interest payment liability is also huge.


Question: The left front and the Congress continue to allege that there is a reign of terror all around and they are unable to put up candidates for the civic by-polls.


Answer: BJP do not believe in the politics of terror. These allegations are proof of the growing bankruptcy of these parties.


Question: There is a massive propaganda all around that people in rural and hill areas are suffering from economic crisis and shortage of food. How far is this correct?


Answer: You should know better how correct this propaganda is. But I must admit that many good works done by the government do not reach the people through organized campaign. We will try to make people aware of all facts and truths at the party level.