Status of Vehicle (Ambulance Service) in different Health Institutions (PHC/CHC) under administrative jurisdiction of the DFWPM as on 31st December, 2017

Dhalai District

Sl. No. Name of Office/PHC/CHC Type of Vehicle with Regd. No. On Road Off Road Acting-Driver (Gr-D) By NHM/RKS /Others etc. Total Contact No. of MO/IC
1. CMO, Dhalai Ambassa Gypsy King, TR04-0894 On Road 1
2. CMO, Dhalai Ambassa Gypsy King, TR04-0857 On Road   1
3. CMO, Dhalai Ambassa TATA SUMO, TR04-0870 On Road 1
4. CMO,Dhalai Ambassa Gypsy King, TR04-1012 On Road
5. Kalyanpur CHC TATA Winger, TR06-0829 On Road 9612012192
6. Chebri PHC TATA Winger, TR01A-FTEM3375 On Road
7. Mungiakami PHC Eco Marati, TR06-0807 On Road
8. Tulashikhar PHC TR01C-0961 Off Road 9436184884
9. Behalabari PHC Eco Marati, TR06-0817 On Road
10. Ratanpur PHC TATA Winger, TR01A-FTEM3369 On Road
11. Ampura PHC TATA Winger, TR01A-FTEM3368 On Road
12. Baijalbari PHC PIZO Marati, TR01B-1059 On Road