Scheduled Caste (SC)

The demography of Scheduled Castes in Tripura in not confined to "PARAS" "BASTIS" like some other parts of the country.
The Scheduled Castes population by an large and lives inter-mingled with other communities in the same villages. As such social distance between Scheduled Castes and other communities is not visible in the State.
   As per 2011 Census, the Scheduled Castes (SC) population of the State is 6,54,918 (17.8%) Total SC male is 3,34,370 where as SC female is 3,20,548.

Scheduled Castes Sub-Plan

The Scheduled Castes Sub-Plan (SCSP) strategy for the Welfare of Scheduled Castes introduced during the 6th Plan period is a special device under which various Development Departments of the State Government are required to quantify and set apart an amount of their Plan Budget provision for various Welfare activities of the Scheduled Castes.
The quantified amount should not be less than the percentage of Scheduled Castes population in the State. It is drive to expedite and ensure will co-ordinate development of the Scheduled Castes communities in economic, social, educational and cultural spheres.
For the implementation of the programme 298 revenue villages in the State have been declared as Scheduled Castes Sub Plan (SCSP) village. The State Government has identified 119 SCSP villages where SC population is 40% or above and 179 villages where SC population is 20% or above but less than 40%.
In order to ensure proper and 100% utilization of the SCSP funds and to check the diversion of fund, the State Government introduced Maharashtra Model of SCSP in 1996. According to this model the SCSP fund of all Departments is booked against the budget head of the SC Welfare Department under Demand No. 20 and the Departments have to incur expenditure on obtaining administrative approval of the Scheduled Castes Welfare Department. There is, therefore, no scope of diversion.

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