Animal Resources


Animal Resources

Animal Resources

The State Animal Resources Development Department has been implementing various socio-economic programmes to create gainful employment opportunities in the rural areas through various developmental schemes with the following objectives-

I. To provide health coverage to all the livestock and poultry of any breed in respect of contagious and non-contagious diseases.

II. To improve livestock generating production viz; Milk, Egg and Meat as well as to improve socio-economic status of the farmers and enhance contribution to the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP).

To achieve the goal, the State Animal Resources Development Department has been providing animal health care services and breed improvement facilities till 2014-15 through 16 -Veterinary Hospitals, 60 - Dispensaries, 11 - Artificial Insemination Centres, 2 - ICDP Centre, 4 - Frozen Semen Banks, 431 - Veterinary Sub-Centres, 4 -Veterinary Medicine Stores, 4 -Disease Investigation Laboratories, 5- Hatcheries, 4 -Poultry Breeding Farms, 10 - Pig breeding Farms, 2 - Goat breeding Farms, 2 - Duck Farms, 1 - Cattle Farm, 2 - Rabbit Farms and 7 - Fodder Multiplication Farms etc.

Animal husbandry, poultry and piggery provide tremendous opportunities for poor and rural economy of the State and also supports small and marginal farmers both economically and nutritionally. It also plays an important role in employment generation and augmentation of rural income. Despite many constraints, Tripura has made significant progress in the development of animal resources, particularly in egg and meat production.

The following Table depicts the major livestock sector produces in the State during 2015-16.

Sl. No Item Quantity
1 Milk ,in Ltrs. 152227417.3
2 Meat (chevon) ,in kg. 1651900.07
3 Meat Pig ,in kg. 11225771.37
4 Meat ( Broiler, Deshi fowl & Duck), in kg.. 37353883
5 Eggs (Hen), in Nos. 167830728
6 Eggs (Duck), in Nos. 48253364
7 Skin (sheep & goat), in Nos. 373946

Veterinary services and animal health

This is a priority scheme of the department. Veterinary services are rendered through a network of veterinary hospitals, veterinary dispensaries, veterinary sub-centres, Disease Investigation Laboratories and also by organizing animal health cfamps throughout the state. Under this scheme, department also undertakes opening of new centers/ veterinary dispensary repairing, remodeling, extension and up taking of new constructions for field level veterinary institutions with a view to maintain proper working condition and standard for optimisation of hygienic production of milk, meat and egg. Another important task undertaken under this scheme is works related with control of zoonoses including maintenance of Rapid Response Team (RRT) especially after emergence of bird flu in the country. Any lapse in such work may endanger survivability of both animal and human species.

SL NO Particulars. 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
2 3 4 5 6 7 8
01 Animal Health Coverage (Animal + per 100 birds is considered as on treatment) 5,04,316 5,65,943 5,88,732 571079 638180 644847
02 Vaccination other than F.M.D. ( Nos ) 33,93,819 91,52,095 50,41,435 5032104 6140788 5915491
03 Vaccination against F.M.D. (Nos ) 4,24,012 6,60,939 6,12,679 714015 554228 561628

Cattle and buffalo development

The main objective of this scheme is to augment milk production of the state through introduction of improved germplasm into the indigenous genetic pool of cattle by means of artificial insemination with frozen semen technology. The ultimate target group of this scheme is all the breedable cattle of the state.

SL NO Particulars. 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
01 Animal castrated. 11,832 12,102 11,139 9010 10,324 10,157
02 Artificial insemination 1,05,568 1,19,652 1,25,280 128749 1,43,692 1,54,780
03 Calf born (Nos) 37,199 44,199 48,146 47413 53,235 59,734

Poultry development

The primary objective of the scheme is to augment poultry/duck egg and meat production, including broiler meat to make the State self sufficient. The Department maintains poultry and duck breeding farms for production and supply of quality chicks and ducklings of LIT variety. The major obstacle of poultry industry in Tripura is the cost of poultry feed. This scheme entails scope of huge employment generation for the youths of both urban and rural masses and especially to the weaker and women sections of the State. Therefore this is a high priority scheme of the State.

Goat development

The basic objective of the scheme is to preserve and upgrade the unique character of black bengal goat of the state through selective breeding and scientific management. It is also planned to promote goat rearing by the forest dwellers through beneficiary oriented scheme.

Piggery development

Pig rearing is now the most popular economic activity in the state under animal husbandary sector. Now it is the endeavor of the State to make the sector economically more viable through enhancing the productivity and value addition for ensuring sustainability. It is also planned to promote pig rearing by the forest dwellers through beneficiary oriented scheme.

Other livestock development The objective of the scheme is to popularize rabbit rearing in rural areas for production of non-conventional meat of rabbit as an alternative source for less cholesterol containing meat.

Assistance to Co-operative Societies The main target of the scheme is to re-vitalize milk cooperative sectors for processing and distribution of milk and also to make proper arrangement towards proper milk marketing system with a view to assure fetching justified remuneration on selling of milk by the actual producers.

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