The good agro-climatic conditions, deep fertile soils, sub-tropical humid climate with abundance of rainfall offer tremendous scope for development of horticulture sector in the state. Among the important horticultural crops pineapple grown in Tripura is widely acclaimed as the best in the country, beside good quality production of orange, banana, jackfruit, mosambi, mango (Amrapalli) and cashew nut. The State is still the largest producer of True Potato Seed (TPS) in the country and is surplus in several vegetable crops including cabbage, cauliflower, tomato and different cucurbitaceous crops.

The contribution of agriculture & allied activities to the Gross State Domestic Product is about 24 percent. On the other hand, more than 42 percent of the State’s population depends on agriculture for its livelihood and therefore, this sector has been the single largest provider of employment to the rural people of the State.

There is huge potential RoFR land available for cultivation of fruit/ plantation crops like pineapple, jackfruit, orange, mosambi, mango, arecanut etc., commercially which may cater the need of other North Eastern States and neighboring country Bangladesh. The recent development in Indo-Bangla relationship has also opened new avenues of export possibilities of horticultural sector in near future.


The production and productivity primarily depends on use of good planting materials/seeds. Effort has been taken to produce good quality planting materials in government orchards/ private nurseries to cater the demand of horticultural crops. Creation of plantation in cluster manner has been given the priority to give horticulture a commercial approach. To maintain production and productivity at desired level irrigation support is essentially required and hence emphasis has been given on creation of water sources and coverage under micro irrigation to get maximum water efficiency during dry spell period. Major thrust areas for development of fruits are as follows:-

Production of quality planting materials (raising of budded / grafted saplings).

High density plantation for selected crops (pine apple, banana, mango, citrus etc.)

 Rejuvenation of old / senile plantation.

Emphasis on staggering of pineapple and watermelon.

 Creation of captive garden of pineapple.

 Introduction of new fruit crops like sweet orange ( valencia/mosambi).

 Popularisation of micro irrigation.

The area, production and productivity of major fruits in Tripura during 2015-16 (Provisional) are tabulated below.

Crops Area (000’hect) Production (Lakh MT) Productivity (MT/hect)
Mango 12.22 0.684 5.60
Pineapple 12.66 1.812 1430
Orange 7.30 0.398 5.45
Jackfruit 10.07 3.026 30.02
Banana 15.06 1.521 10.10
Litchi 3.99 0.209 5.25
Lime/Lemon 5.95 0.299 5.02
Papaya 3.96 0.396 10.00
Sapota 0.21 0.017 8.10
Mosambi 1.33 0.020 1.50
Guava 1.01 0.054 5.30
Others 1.93 0.143 7.61
Total75.69 8.580 11.33


The State is already in surplus of vegetable production. The area under cultivation of vegetable has been gone up with the increasing trend of vegetable consumption per capita (<500 gms) and also because it is a low volume high value crop. Major thrust areas for development of vegetable are as follows:-

♦  Round the year cultivation of selected vegetables.

♦  Vegetable initiative in tribal cluster.

♦  Introduction of new vegetable varieties.

♦  Protected cultivation of vegetables.

♦  Bringing more area under vegetable by utilising seasonal fallow.

The area, production and productivity of summer and winter vegetables in the State during 2015-16 (provisional) are given below.

Crops Area (000’hect) Production (Lakh MT) Productivity (MT/hect)
Summer vegetables 19.68 3.05 15.30
Winter vegetables 20.62 3.64 17.65
Total 40.3 6.69 16.47


The State Horticulture Department has taken up potato being a crash crop cultivation as one of its focused item in the State. In 2014-15 major thrust has been given on production of seedling tuber (tuberlet) through co-operative farming system involving Tripura Horticulture Corporation Ltd (THCL) for procurement and preservation in the cold storages for use in subsequent year. A handsome quantity about 1026 MT of seedling tuber (tuberlet) has been procured from the growers during 2015-16, which will reduce the dependency of seed materials from outside sources in 2016-17 onwards. A special initiative has also been taken up for cultivation of potato in the non-traditional areas in 2015-16 and an additional area of 157 ha. were brought under potato cultivation.

The hybrid TPS programme, which was initiated in the State Horticulture Research Complex (HRC) at Nagicherra through a collaborative work with the International Potato Centre (CIP, Lima) has proved a pro farmer technology and sustainable on long term basis. The hybrid programme has not only proved to be a high yielder but also capable to combat the Late Blight disease significantly. Tripura registered the highest per hectare production of potato among all North Eastern states owing to hybrid TPS technology.

The North East India is possessing 10 percent of the potato area of the country but contributes only 4 percent of the total potato production. Tripura is realizing the yield of around 18t /hect (nearer to national average), which is better among the North Eastern States. In 2015-16, 215 kg hybrid TPS has been produced at HRC, Nagicherra.

In 2015-16 an area of 9040 hact. was covered under potato with its production of 1,59,466 MT with the productivity level of 17.64 MT/Ha.


Soil and agro climate of Tripura is much conducive for growing different kinds of flower. With enormous demand of fresh flower, floriculture has become a blooming business in the state. A sizeable quantity of flowers is now being produced and marketed on daily basis. At present, about 290 hactor area is under commercial cultivation of flower with production of 580 MT with a productivity level of 2 MT/hec. both under open and protected condition.

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