Festivals of Tripura

As Tripura is largely dominated by the Hindus, the festivals celebrated here are quite common to the festivals celebrated in the rest of India. In addition to this, there are many festivals unique to Tripura. There are numerous festivals celebrated through out the year in Tripura with great pomp and show. The main festivals ofTripura are the Durga Puja (at the time of Dussehra), Karchi Puja,Diwali, Dol Jatra (Holi), Pous Sankranti, Ashokashtmi and Buddha Jayanti, Id, Christmas and New Year. The Garia, Ker Ganga and Gajan festivals are important tribal festivities. During Ashokashtmi there are special celebrations at Unnakoti. The Fourteen Goddess Temple in Old Agartala attracts a lot of visitors for its Karchi Puja, and so does Tirthamukh on the occasion of the Pous Sankranti Mela. Other festivals are the Rabindra/Nazrul Festival in May, the Boat Race at Melaghar in August, the Orange and Tourism festival in the Jampui Hill range in November. There are a number of socio-religious fairs and festivals celebrated in the State throughout the year. Practically each tribe in the state has its own dances and festivals, which are celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm.
Some of the most important festivals are given below:

Pous-Sankranti Mela:

The Mela held near source of the river Gomti in an area, known as Tirtha Mukh and the accompanying festival attract a large number of devotees from all over the state. Both tribal and nontribal people assemble every year on the occasion of the Uttarayan Sankranti for a holy dip in the lake. Surrounded by high hills, Tirthamukh in South Tripura district is a unique place of beauty frequented specially by the Tripuris to make a vow for realizing their own pledges throughout the year. But on the day of ‘Pous Sankranti’ this place becomes a confluence of thousands of people. Since ancient days Tirthamukh has been a holy place of the Hindu Tripuri tribals. On the specific day people flock to the place to shave their head in the name of their ancestors and worship basically Hindu deities and perform individual sacrifices and rituals to propitiating the souls of departed ancestors. It is on this occasion that a two day long fair is also held.

Buddha Poornima:

Though the number of Buddhists living in the state is very small, Lord Buddha’s birthday is celebrated on a grand scale every year. People of all communities enthusiastically take part in this festival.

Ashok Ashtami Fair:

The fair is held every year in the month of April at Unakoti Tirthaof Kailasahar Sub-Division in North Tripura. Pilgrims from all over the state assemble here to offer Puja to the images of gods and goddesses engraved on the hilly rocks.

Garia Puja:

The tribals of Tripura perform Garia Puja on the seventh day of the month of Baisakh (April), the opening month of the Hindu calendar year. Both men and women perform this puja to propitiate the deity for blessings.

Kharchi Puja:

The worship of the fourteen gods, popularly known as Kharchi Puja, occupies the pride of place in Tripura. This weeklong festival is celebrated every year in the month of July at ‘Chaturdasha Devta’ Temple, eight kms southeast of Agartala.

Ker Puja:

Ker Puja starts generally fifteen days after Kharchi Puja and it is the general belief that this Puja is performed by the state’s royalfamily within the palace for the welfare of the State and its people.

Durga Puja:

It is celebrated in the month of October and is one of the most popular festivals in Tripura. The entire villages and towns appearin a festive mood during the four days of the festival. On the fourth day images of goddess ‘Durga’ are taken out in a great procession for immersion in rivers or big lakes. ‘Vijaya Dashami’, the fourth day of the festival, is significantly observed by exchange of reciprocal greetings.


Diwali festival is celebrated after Durga Puja. On this occasion every year a big fair is held near Matabari in the temple of ‘TripuraSundari’ at Udaipur. This temple is known as one of the 51 holiestshrines of the Mother-Goddess, spread across India.