Public Distribution System (PDS)

(a) The State Scheme for distribution of 35 Kgs of Below Poverty Line (BPL) and & Antodaya Anna Yoyana (AAY) rice @ Rs. 2/- per Kg per family have been introduced from 1st August 2012 for 2.95 lakh families. Since then the scheme is continuing in the State with an annual subsidy of Rs.36.45 crore from the State's exchequer.

(b) Distribution of monthly 22 Kgs. of Above Poverty Line (APL) rice (35 Kg in case of Dhalai District) at BPL rate @ of Rs. 6.15 per Kg have also been introduced from 1st June 2012 for 1.62 lakh families, who are not covered under BPL category due to 2.95 lakh ceiling fixed by Government of India. Since then the said scheme is continuing in the State with an annual subsidy of Rs.12.80 crore from the State's exchequer.

(c) Subsidy @ Rs.35/- per month through bank account of the cardholder in lieu of supplying 1 liter of mustard oil and 2 Kgs of pulses per month per card since introduced from 1st October 2014. As per the scheme, each cardholder is entitled to get subsidy amount, which would be transferred into the bank account of the respective cardholder on quarterly basis.

Besides above, following ration commodities are also distributed under universal PDS of the State

(a) 20 Kg of APL rice per ration card per month @ Rs.10.50/Kg.
(b) 1 Kg of sugar (AMC areas) and @ 600 gms (in other than AMC areas) per head per month @ Rs.16.00/Kg.
(c) 1 Kg of whole meal atta per head per month @ Rs.10/Kg.
(d) 500 gram of iodine salt per head/month @ Rs.7/Kg.
(e) 1 Ltr. of kerosene oil per head/per month @ Rs.15.76/Ltr (in AMC areas).

Antodaya Anna Yoyana (AAY)

This is a central scheme under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution and the same is being implemented in the State since September 2001. As per the guidelines of the Goverment of India, beneficiaries have been selected by Panchyat Raj Institutions (PRIs) and Urban Local Bodies (ULBs). At present, there are 1,13,124 families as per quota fixed by the Government of India and identified from the poorest of the identified BPL families in the State. They are getting the benefit of the scheme through their ration cards and presently getting @ 35 Kg rice per month per family @ Rs.2/- per Kg. instead of Rs. Rs.3/- per Kg. [with a state-subsidy of Rs.1/per kg] since introduced by the State Government w.e.f. 1st August 2012.


Market price vis-à-vis PDS price

The following table depicts the difference between market price and PDS price of rice in the State for the last few years :



Price of DS/TPDSrice[Rs. Per Kg.] under different category

Average retail market price of rice (in the month of June each year at Agartala Market) [Rs. Per Kg.]




Ad-hoc BPL

Medium/ Common Fine Superfine
2011 6.15 3.00 10.35 NA 21.00 22.00 25.00
2012 2.00 2.00 10.35 6.15 21.00 23.00 32.00
2013 2.00 2.00 10.35 6.15 22.00 32.00 34.00
2014 2.00 2.00 10.35 6.15 27.00 29.00 35.00
2015 2.00 2.00 10.35 6.15 27.00 29.00 35.00
2016 2.00 2.00 13.00 -- 28.00 32.00 36.00


Food Godowns:

In the State, there are 117 food storage godowns in 59 different places with a capacity of 56,180 MT till March 2016:

i) Construction work of 19 new godowns are going under CSS fund from the year 2013-14 to a capacity of 21,500 MT.

ii) Setting-up of a rail-fed food godown and Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) Depot at Jirania, so that induction of essential commodities became easier and faster.

iii) In 2013-24, 17 POL Depot have been started at Jirania, Khayerpur, Boxanagar, Nalchar, Amarpur, Palatana, Kakraban, Maharani, Manubazar, Gandacharra, Halhali, Bagbassa, Dharmanagar, Damcherra, Kailashahar and Pecharthal.

iv) During the year 2013-14, 8 new LPG outlets have been started at Gandhigram, Sekerkote, Radhakishorepur, Salema, Halhali, Manubazar, Hrishyamukh and Rajnagar. The total LPG consumers reached at 4,19,000.


Fair Price Shops

Urban Rural TTAADC Total
377 1416 602 1798
Source: - Food & Civil Supplies Department, Tripura.

Some basic information related to PDS in the State presented in the following Table:

Ration shops (Nos) 1798
LPG outlets in the State (including 5 LPG Agencies of BSF/AR),Nos. 58
LPG consumers (in Lakh) 4.39
APL ration cards 5,05,603
BPL ration cards 4,80,419
AAY ration cards 1,09,620
Ration cards 9,23, 683
Beneficiaries under Annapurna Scheme 5740 families
State food godowns 115
Outlets for petrol/diesel 65
Rationing population in the State as on July 2016 (in Lakh) 38.06