After reorganisation, the State has now 8-Districts and 58-Blocks in the State. The strengthening the local Self Government has also been emphasised.

Recognisation & delimination of 587 villages under 6 sechedule areas has been completed under the direct supervision of Panchayet Department. After reorganisation new 60 villages have been setup.

Election of 587 villages have been conducted successfully on 24.02.2016. Panchayet Department acts as Nodal Department keeping coordination with the Tribal Welfare Department and State Election Commission, Tripura  

Consequent to the 73rd Constitution Amendment, Panchayats at the village level, intermediate level i.e., Block level and at the District level have been constituted in the State through General Elections to three tier Panchayats which were held in 1994. The second and third Panchayat General Elections to three tier Panchayats of the State were held in July, 1999 July, 2004, July 2009 and July 2014. The Government of Tripura has made constant efforts to devolve functions and powers to the elected Panchayat bodies. In Tripura, soon after enforcement of the 73rd Constitution Amendment, a new Act named "The Tripura Panchayats Act 1993" was enacted, which came into force from November, 1993.

 It is significant that upto 50 percent reservation for women in the office of members and bearers in these village committees have been made from the last election held during February, 2011.

Tripura has made a stride towards decentralization of powers and functions by having three tier panchayat systems. Earlier a provision has been made to raise reservation for women in the office of members as well as office of the Chairman Upto 50 percent in the State. Tripura is one of the leading States to increase the women's participation in Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs).

Moreover, steps have been taken to develop e-learning modules for PRI representatives for further enhancing their capacity.


E-Panchayat Puraskar 2013-14

Panchayat Devolution Index 2013-14

Rastriya Gourav Gram Sabha Puraskar (RGGSP)