Housing deserves significant attention in the context of developing policies and strategies for human development. The housing sector has been globally used as an engine to propel the economic growth as it generates employment and demand in the market for building materials etc. On the other hand, shortage of housing is a big impediment in the healthy development of an individual and consequently the society, and the State.Housing, alongwith food and clothing comprise the basic necessity of human survival. Housing is a reflection of nation's economic and social well-being. The basic human need that housing provides shelter or protection. Adequate housing facility increses the productivity of labour. When a massive programme of housing is launched, its multiplier effects, especially in changing the labour situation and income are quite impressive.

The basic amenities relating to housing includes safe drinking water, latrine, drainage, electricity, number of living rooms etc. apart from many other things like nature of the drainage system, presence of animal shed in the vicinity, availability of motorable approach road to the dwelling unit, and occurrence of floods during monsoon.




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