Future Assessment and Outlook

 The State's economy is characterized by high incidence of poverty, low per capita income, low capital formation, inadeqate infrastructural facilities and geographical isolation and communication bottleneck, low progress in industrial field as well as high un-employment problem.On the other hand, low availability of infrastructure has made the process of economic development extremely difficult in the backward state of Tripura.

          As far as the thrust of the State Government to the development stretegies are concerned, the basic objectives are clear and simple: they are aimed at eradication of poverty and continuous improvement in the standard of living of the people. The target of the Government is comprehensive growth covering all sections of people and strata of society with the aim of reducing the rural -urban divide. While substantial achievements have been made, the road ahead still has a number of challenges and hurdles and these have to be kept in view while moving towards rapid growth and economic prosperity of the people of the State.

          It is, therefore, a prerequisite to provide priority in the following areas for infrastructural improvements as well as to create a sustainable climate for attracting investments for sustaining inclusive pro-people growh in the State.




Challenges and problems

 Linking of state capital with rails and airports

Border trade with Bangladesh and development of Land Customs Stations

Setting up of OTPC Power Project at Palatana, South Tripura

Economic structure and Un-employment

Regional Disparities

The Land constraint