Elections in Tripura

The elections in Tripura held since 1952 present a fascinating spectacle of bi-polar contests between the Marxist and the Congress camps . When the first election to the state's two Loksabha seats was held from January 11 to 25th 1952 the Communist Party of India (CPI) was banned . In spite of the handicap CPI tribal leader Dasharath Deb who had been in the underground contested and won the tribal reserve East Tripura Loksabha seat while the West Tripura general seat was won by another party leader Biren Datta. The congress candidates lost the polls . In the election to the 30 member electoral college also CPI, in association with allies, secured the majority of 19 seats , leaving eleven to be picked up by congress. Mr Dasharath Deb who had dodged the police dragnet finally appeared in parliament in cognito and evaded arrest .
Along with the Lok Sabha polls a thirty member electoral college was also elected to send the state's representative lone representative to the Rajya Sabha. With the support of CPI and its allies who had secured majority in the electoral college an independent supported by them Mr Arman Ali Munshi won the election to Rajya Sabha. But when the second election to the Rajya Sabha came in 1956-according to the then rules Rajya Sabha representatives from Tripura and Manipur were to have single two year term each-Congress had managed to increase its strength in the same electoral college and sent Maulana Abdul Latif to the house of the states in Delhi .